This dream may encourage you to abandon your usual emotional reactions and try to become more calm.

Dream meaning accountant

When in a dream you yourself are an accountant, then you have business to do, but you lack investors.


When in a dream you talk to accountants, then someone unexpected will give you support.

If in a dream you are studying to be an accountant it is a signal that you should renew contacts with people from your childhood years.

A dream about an accountant who is trying to gain insight into your accounts or counting endless lines of numbers shows how you are dealing with problems or a situation on the surface that requires a cool approach.

Meaning of the dream ACCOUNTANT in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

The dream may indicate that the dreamer has financial problems or wants to multiply his wealth at all costs

To be an accountant or bookkeeper: it is necessary to make changes in your business, otherwise you risk bankruptcy.


Talking to an accountant (bookkeeper): good luck, material prosperity.

Fire an accountant or bookkeeper: misunderstandings in the family.

Arguing with an accountant or bookkeeper: you will face a serious decision. Be careful not to make a mistake.

Arabic Dreambook:

This dream foretells that you will not lack for exhausting ventures.

If you are an accountant in your dream, you are in for quite a challenge, which will bring you a lot of excitement, but will also bring you joy, satisfaction and appreciation from those around you.

When in a dream you are dealing with paperwork with an accountant, it is a warning, be better to keep an eye on your official business.

When in a dream you are waiting for an accountant is a sign, be very careful in your investments.

Indian Dreambook:

A dream about an accountant reminds you not to be careless and to think more strictly, not like an artist, but like a calculating person.


Lack of prudence can become the cause of your troubles, so act prudently and control everything, because someone will want to cheat you.

Dream about accountant

A dream about an accountant signals financial problems.

The dreamer’s conversation with an accountant means that he strongly desires to raise his social status.

Hiring an accountant symbolizes wealth, success in love and a successful life.

Accounts dream dictionary
Accounts – Dream symbol interpretation

Being fired means family misunderstandings, failure in love and disappointments in financial matters.

A phone call from an accountant symbolizes the dreamer’s facing an exceptional and unexpected situation, causing depression in the circle of one’s financial affairs.

  • To see – intensify your efforts because you will not achieve success….
  • Be – it is necessary to make changes in the company….
  • Agree with – make the appropriate changes in the business….
  • Talk – you are threatened with bankruptcy….
  • Disagree – happiness, material prosperity….
  • To argue – serious decisions ahead of you….

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Accountant

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