A dream in which it appears can mean a lack of trust in certain people and a misunderstanding with loved ones. If you dream about this motive, for example, it can mean a warning of some serious illness or also an accident.

Ammonia is a warning of an accident or deterioration of health. So, perhaps you should watch yourself more closely for a while and, if possible, do not plan any further trips or take any risky decisions that may entail bad consequences for you.


Dream meaning ammonia

A dream about ammonia augurs unnecessary quarrels and the breakup of a great friendship, which, however, with a lot of effort can one day be repaired.

When a young woman sees transparent ammonia bottles in her dream, it foretells that she will misjudge someone’s actions as friendship. It can also be a warning against the person you consider your closest friend and without hesitation entrust him with all your secrets, she, meanwhile, notes everything meticulously in her memory, to use it against you one day.

Ammonia is a colorless gas with a characteristic smell. In the Dreambook of grandmothers in general, this motif can foretell that you will be angry with an acquaintance because of his behavior.

Ammonia as a dream symbol is most often a kind of warning, and what this warning concerns is related to the individual situation of the dreamer. It can also foretell you disputes and the breakup of friendships.

This symbol can also warn of an impending illness or accident, so you need to be on guard and not take any risks for the near future. It is also a warning against traveling and taking risks.

Ammonia is a colorless gas with a pungent smell, in the dream reality it indicates that friendship must be taken care of and if necessary, it is better to give way even when right than to lose a friend.


Meaning of the dream ammonia

To see ammonia

some disturbing matter does not give you peace of mind, because you do not want to face it.

Smell the smell of ammonia

in the near future you may face a misunderstanding at home.

Spill ammonia on yourself

you will hear insulting words against you.

Ammonia dream dictionary

Ammonia – Dream Symbol interpretation

  • you will be angry at the behaviour of a friend,
  • it follow disputes and break of friendship,
  • Seeing a young woman transparent bottles with ammonia, she will be mistaken in the character of a supposed friend.
  • also: You enter danger by illness or accident, – time-long no risks.



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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ammonia

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