The apparition is a strong negative sign. After such a dream, you should be careful because some tragedy will probably happen. It may apply to both property and relatives.

You should be especially concerned with your family.


Apparition : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

to see – a warning of lurking for you or your loved ones

fleeing – you will finally face your fears

be afraid of it – you feel a strong, inner anxiety, the source of which you are not yet able to trace

the ghost of a girl – is an admonition not to succumb to wild fantasies

the apparition of a boy – exhorts you to fight more actively for the realization of your goals and desires

to see her in the window – you will be overcome by misfortune, during which you will only be able to count on yourself


seeing her in the mirror – your fears will take over you

white apparition – despite your fired hopes, nothing good will happen to you in life

black apparition – you will not be able to avoid misfortune.


What does it mean when you dream about Apparition

The apparition in a dream is an interesting symbol that is often associated with people from our past.

Dream with the presence of a phantom according to the dream book

According to the online dream book, the ghost in a dream has a message to convey about the dreamer. Especially if a person we know appears in the form of a ghost, it is worth considering the meaning of this person in our lives.

I dreamed that I saw an apparition in my own apartment, what does that mean? In fact, it is worth expecting unexpected visitors who are able to mess up your personal life. Old friends, and sometimes enemies, will remember themselves, which will make you embarrassed and stressed. Remember that not all situations are influenced by you, so do not try to gain control, but take care of the well-being of the people closest to you.

What does the dream in which I was a ghost mean? Such a dream may suggest that you are in fact living a solitary lifestyle that you want to change. Such visions, in particular, may be experienced by people who have no reason to complain about the amount of people around them, but who still feel lonely in their problems. Lack of understanding on the part of relatives causes a worse mood and even lack of motivation to act. Be sure to talk to a psychologist about your situation, because you are not alone in this disadvantage.


Why is a loved one a ghost in your dream?
Why did I have a dream in which a person close to me was a ghost? Such a dream can happen if you are bereaved or miss someone who is not in your life. For some, it is also a symbol that you lack a person in your life who will advise you on how to function in everyday life. You feel you need someone to take on the role of your mentor. There is also good news in all of this. You are able to deal with any problem, all you need is a little determination and self-confidence.

I was chased by a ghost in my sleep, what does it matter? Running away from problems and affairs will soon cease to be a possible solution. You will have to face your fears, because only in this way will you come out unscathed.

Apparition dream dictionary
Apparition – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To see an apparition in your dream symbolizes your inner essence and personality. It may also represent your ethics and morals.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Apparition

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