Ambush dream dictionary


Ambush dream dictionary

Ambush – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Ambush announces after old dream books Unexpected success, sometimes warns, however, really about a not yet recognised risk. A dream of an ambush which one lays to somebody can mean the similar that one wishes, e.g., one of the good qualities of this person. Therefore, it is important that one recognises his motive for his ambush.



  • see: You have secret opponents.
  • hineingeraten: Friends lose, – are pursued by enemies,
  • lay one: Care is the best guard.

(European ones).:

  • (hiding place): warns about carelessness, also the dreaming should have his business better in the eye,
  • other from the ambush attack to take revenge for these: one will act dishonestly and cheat his friends,
  • from the ambush are attacked: nearby lurks a danger which will soon break upon one, provided that one ignores the warning signs.


  • hineingeraten: you will achieve advantages and a big profit,
  • lay one: is on the alert, otherwise you have hard time.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ambush

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