ambush dream meaning


Ambush in a dream is a warning of lurking danger and also unexpected deterioration of one’s life situation.

In a positive sense, it announces success in the ventures performed and the launch of brand new and extremely profitable initiatives.


Ambush dream meaning

  • When you see an ambush, then the dream heralds the completion of an extremely difficult work, announces the end of life’s misery and lasting success in love and professional work.
  • If in a dream someone ambushes you, then this is an omen of an unpleasant incident or event that will shake up your life and cause negative emotions alone, you will also be unnecessarily upset.
  • When you dream that you ambush someone is a sign that you will come to face professional problems. The dream may also mean that you need to use all available means in time to achieve your own goals, then it may just be too late.
  • When you are ambushed in a dream it is a sign that your business will finally start to blossom, but its further success will depend on several external matters, if you play everything right you will rise to the heights for longer than you think.
  • If you dream that you are making an ambush yourself it means that you can’t communicate with yourself and also with your environment, it is important for you to finally understand that suppressed rage can only lead you to take actions that you may later regret very much.
  • When someone attacks you coming out of an ambush, then the dream indicates that you are moving away from the problems that trigger bad memories in you. Again, you ignore dangerous situations that pose a great danger to you.
  • An ambush in the forest means that you will still try to hide certain aspects for a long time, which will eventually come to light anyway.
  • When a loved one is ambushed, the dream foreshadows a happy future and reciprocated love.
  • If you dream that your child falls into an ambush, it is a sign that his health may deteriorate.
ambush dream symbol

Dream about ambush

An ambush can foretell you of unexpected success, or it can warn you of risks you don’t yet realize. It can also indicate your positive qualities.

Dreambook ambush

  • If you dream that you are walking into an ambush, it foretells good luck for you in business.
  • When you ambush someone, it augurs professional problems and suggests that you sometimes pursue success over dead bodies.
  • If your beloved,beloved is ambushed, it means that your love will last.
  • When your child falls into an ambush, it is a warning of illness and bodily injury.
  • When you dream of an ambush in the woods, you will get into serious trouble.
  • Meaning of the dream Snare in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Arabic Dreambook:

If you see an ambush in your dream, it means that you have enemies.

If you build an ambush, it foretells for you the loss of friends due to the actions of your enemies.

When you have fallen into an ambush, it is a signal for you to take more care of yourself, and surely it will always work out in your favor.


Dreambook of grandmothers:

In the Dreambook of a grandmother, an ambush warns you against carelessness, and also suggests that you should keep an eye on your interests more.

When you dream that you did an ambush and it took revenge on you, it is a sign that you will act dishonestly and cheat your friends.

When you dream that someone attacks you from an ambush, it means that danger lurks near you, but you have a chance to guard against it if you don’t miss the warning signs.

Indian Dreambook:

If you are doing an ambush in your dream, it means that you will have a chance to make big gains and profits.

When you find yourself in an ambush, it is a signal for you to be on guard, otherwise you will have a difficult time.


Ambush dream dictionary

Ambush – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Ambush announces after old dream books Unexpected success, sometimes warns, however, really about a not yet recognised risk. A dream of an ambush which one lays to somebody can mean the similar that one wishes, e.g., one of the good qualities of this person. Therefore, it is important that one recognises his motive for his ambush.




  • see: You have secret opponents.
  • hineingeraten: Friends lose, – are pursued by enemies,
  • lay one: Care is the best guard.

(European ones).:

  • (hiding place): warns about carelessness, also the dreaming should have his business better in the eye,
  • other from the ambush attack to take revenge for these: one will act dishonestly and cheat his friends,
  • from the ambush are attacked: nearby lurks a danger which will soon break upon one, provided that one ignores the warning signs.


  • hineingeraten: you will achieve advantages and a big profit,
  • lay one: is on the alert, otherwise you have hard time.

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