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If you want to understand the meaning of dreaming about alcohol, it is essential to look at the context in which alcohol is portrayed in the dream and your views on alcohol consumption.

Alcohol dream interpretation

Possible meanings of dreaming about alcohol:

dream symbol alcohol

Drinking bitter or pungent alcohol

Strong or bitter alcohol can mean that you feel very attached to something, addicted to something, or that you are not doing something that’s right for you. You may get the impression that the last decision you made was too harsh or that you were short with someone in your words and deeds.


The addiction in your dreams may manifest your concern about your drinking habits about yourself or someone else. It may also suggest that something in your life makes you feel out of control.


Such a dream may mean that you are feeling well after recent decisions, and the success of the project you are working on may seem within your reach. Or, you may not be entirely honest with your true feelings or have mixed feelings about the celebration’s details in a dream.

Too much alcohol

Excessive amounts of alcohol can be dangerous and harmful. Sleeping may mean that you need to analyze your health habits and well-being and that you need to start making positive changes to lead a healthy lifestyle. It can also tell you feel guilty.

Types of alcohol as a symbol

It is also essential to consider what type of alcohol is present in a dream. Do you drink whiskey, wine, or beer? Each of them can mean something different for you:

Strong alcohols in a bottle

Dreaming of strong alcoholic drinks in a bottle, such as whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and rum, can signify that you are going through a tough time. It can also mean that you have powerful feelings for something or someone.



Champagne in our dreams is often associated with celebrating and making toasts. When you see Champagne in your dream, it’s good to think about what good things are happening in your life. You may need to focus more on the positives and appreciate someone.


Wine in our dreams is often associated with company and feasting together. As a symbol of sleep, wine can mean that you have good friends or feel lonely or unsure about people who claim to be your friends. Or maybe you feel guilty about something?


Beer is often associated with relaxation and enjoyment and time spent with others. However, drinking too much beer can negatively affect health and relationships. If you’re dreaming of beer, you may need to find a healthy balance between work and play.

drink alcohol dream

Alcohol Dream Symbol

Alcohol – dream meaning

Do you like drinking alcohol in real life? If you do it in moderation, it is probably no coincidence that this image appears in your dreams.

The good news is that the alcohol dream equals success. However, if you drink too much or get into trouble, the meaning of this dream is not very optimistic.

Drinking alcohol can affect the way we usually dream, and the details of your dream can be a message from your subconscious mind.

What does it mean to dream of bottled alcohol?

Dreams of alcohol in a bottle also indicate that you are hanging around trying to find a solution. Therefore, you may need to make sure that everything in your life is correct.

See alcohol

To see alcohol: a dream also shows that it is important not to hide feelings. Perhaps you are leading a somewhat mundane existence at the moment and trying to solve this problem somehow.


You have to consider where you are going in life. You need to devote time and space to more productive and rewarding activities. If you feel your partner’s emotional or physical distance, a dream is a harbinger of peace, harmony, and a profitable business.

A dream in which you see or pour alcohol symbolizes a new birth and significant changes in your life. Are you outgoing and get along well with others? You can quickly get along make friends with someone. However, to better understand the meaning of this vision, you need to evaluate other components of sleep.

Dream of buying alcohol

When you dream of buying alcohol, you try to control your emotions and may express fear or frustration, especially when things don’t go as planned.

This dream indicates uncertainty and confusion in your life; perhaps you feel disappointed in others.

You can also check the meanings of shopping dreams.

buying alcohol

A dream about drugs and alcohol

If you dreamed of drugs and alcohol, you need to pay attention to the details of events and situations. You undertake too many projects at once. Be careful about it.

The vision of drugs and alcoholic beverages relates to secrets or vigorous activities. You block something or exclude yourself. You need to harmonize your mind-body relationship. You have not decided on the situation in your life yet.

Also, find out what dreams about drugs mean.


Pharmaceutical alcohol dream

The pharmaceutical alcohol dream refers to loyalty, commitment, being a verbal person with a strong personality. Drinking this alcohol can mean there is a friend you can trust. It can also mean that you will be a true friend.

If in a dream you use pharmaceutical alcohol to heal wounds, it means that you will organize yourself, have your family life planned, or finally decide to repair your life.

Seeing this fluid spilled on the floor shows that unexpected problems will come, you will lose money, or you will face financial difficulties.

Dream of drinking alcohol – someone is drinking alcohol

Those who dream of drinking alcohol reveal their life ambiguities. These people waste their energy on unproductive activities. They are taking risks that you shouldn’t take.

Someone is drinking: this dream is a sign of the influence others are having on you through their actions. In such people, emotions got out of control.

When you drink alcohol or any drink containing alcohol in a dream, and you are weak in your waking life, take care of yourself. Maybe you should see a doctor.

To dream that you are drinking alcohol is related to your health, it is advisable to see a doctor. Alcohol in a dream can also mean postponing some projects you would like to implement. But that doesn’t mean you won’t achieve them; quite the contrary, sleep only warns you to wait a little longer as you can get a better effect from your actions.

The other meaning of this dream is related to some annoyance that you had or will have in the next few days. Try to stay calm and disciplined to help get rid of problems.

someone is drinking alcohol

A dream about alcohol in the hand

A sleepy vision with alcohol in hand signifies your vanity and concern for beauty.

You need to take a rest. This dream symbolizes the ups and downs of everyday life. You have the ability to remain calm and the ability to act under pressure. It would help if you were more realistic in your actions.

The dream of drinking at work

Dreaming that you are drinking alcohol at work is a sign that you will be promoted or get another job where you will be better paid. For those looking for a job, this dream symbolizes good luck in the search.

Another meaning of this symbol relates to the financial side and indicates that you will receive a reward for a job well done. It is also a hint that you can earn good money from your games. Alcohol in these dreams can also mean heartbreak; maybe you will be disappointed with someone from work?

Using alcohol for work

This dream is an indication that something or someone will make you stand out in your professional life. If the alcohol has spilled, you have the chance to move to a new business.

If alcohol is used to start a fire or burn someone, know that you want to control your explosive temperament.

Dream with a large amount of alcohol

Dreaming of a lot of alcohol is a sign that you are clearing your mind of emotional and mental clutter.

You want to get away from your partner. This picture shows that you need time to heal and discipline; perhaps you need to be alone with yourself.


The importance of sleep can also be related to your temperament. Perhaps a dream suggests that you try to be more calm and understanding.

The dream of boiling alcohol

The dream of boiling alcohol means that you are sorry for something you have done and afraid that you will be exposed.

Try to change the way you see things, and you will see that everything is going according to plan.

A dream about spilled alcohol

Sleeping about spilled alcohol means good changes in the professional field. If you work for a company and expect a promotion, it’s time to fight back and act. Get ready to harvest your activities.

Sleep can also be a warning that you are not in the right company. Spilling alcohol in a dream can also mean false hopes. Be careful because someone may cheat on you.

Visions of dreams with spilled alcohol symbolize dissatisfaction in personal relationships. This dream indicates your daily challenges; you need to rethink or re-plan your actions. You have to change the way you see things. You act with your heart instead of thinking more clearly.

Dream of alcohol causing a fire

This dream means that you need to master your explosive temperament to improve your career opportunities; if you do this, you will have a chance for exciting and rewarding work (cooperation).

This dream may also indicate the need to take care of your spirituality. Success may be closer than you think.


Alcohol that causes a fire in a dream can also mean despair and help solve some problems.

A dream in which you purify something with alcohol

To dream that you will clean something with alcohol means that you are “cleaning” your professional life. This change is coming soon, and it will change your life for the better, and you will be successful in business.

You will not pay attention to the behavior of your colleagues. A dream can warn you to be careful and “open your eyes” to the things that are happening around you so as not to be deceived and hurt.

Dream about alcohol gel

The dream of gel alcohol indicates that you need to see the people around you more.

It can also mean physical or emotional cleansing – so you have to let go of the old things and face the new. Sleep also bodes well for love.

Another meaning of this dream has to do with the desire to achieve your goals; this means that some good things will happen, and you will overcome your fears and get rid of your anxieties, which will lead to the fulfillment of your desires.

Interpretation of dream about alcohol

Appearing as a dream symbol may reflect your spiritual powers, which very often, even though you do not know it, influence your behavior and the way you behave in various situations. So it can symbolize that your subconscious mind wants you to try to overcome some of your inhibitions.

Perhaps it is about your relationships with other people, which can leave a lot to be desired if you are closed to others – then it is a signal for you to go out to them and open your heart and mind to them. You may be a great loner, but subconsciously you are fed up with it and start to miss company more and more.


Meaning of dream about alcohol

However, this is not the only possible explanation of the dream in which the alcohol theme appears, as it can also signal that you are too sober in your view of the world around you, or at least some things. Perhaps you should be more creative and let your imagination speak, and then you will find out how many possibilities you have never used before.

Alcohol dependence can also reflect a waking addiction to some person, an unhealthy relationship with that person.

Consider if you have someone around you trying to manipulate you or have a significant influence on your behavior. Finally, dreaming about alcohol can warn you that you are overdoing it while awake. When you dream that you are drinking any alcohol, you are dreaming about some forbidden pleasures that you cannot indulge in.

Drinking alcohol in large amounts and among a wider group of people is a sign that you are neglecting your social contacts, and you should start seeing your friends more often. Some unforgettable adventure awaits you when your companion is a woman, possibly an affair.

If you see a glass of red wine in a dream, a fiery feeling awaits you, with a white one – stabilizing your financial situation and good health. And when you drink beer, you will lose a significant amount of cash. On the other hand, Champagne is a good omen in the emotional sphere. It can also herald an unexpected win.

Pouring alcohol – it’s getting to know a new person.


Association: – Relaxation, – to itself gehenlassen, – freeing from responsibility. Question: – What would like I to let go?


A symbol for increased emotionality, lack of restraint, the drunkenness state – and for lacking view with that (urge?) Discussion with topical problems. If one dreams of alcohol, one has under circumstances a need or a wish for a heartening experience or for pleasing influence. The dreaming disposes of means to change his perception. He can afford to go out from himself and to leave himself to the ‘river of the things’ which happen with him.


Alcohol stands as ‘a spiritual’ drink often for the spiritual forces which determine the behaviour and action. In the dream he can express the need for more spiritual suggestion and realising edged out life possibilities which are maybe hindered by too strict morality images (see ‘teetotalers’). The dreaming recognises the possibilities which lie in emotional confusion, and sees the clarity which can originate from her. If the selfcreated restrictions are diminished to which one submits in the awake state, the breakthrough often succeeds to own truth.

The alcohol in the dream can give the permission to the dreaming moreover symbolically. Also in the dream the alcohol removes inhibitions and lets us commit actions which would be felt in the deliberate life as immoral. Above all if one is ‘pleasantly squiffy’, expresses itself in it the wish for uncontrolled pleasure, after drunkenness-like sensations (also sexually). This can point out to the fact that the dreamer looks at his problems in the awake life too much from the mind.

He should approach more laxly to things. Who is completely got drunk in the dream, can calculate on the fact that he will pass the realities of the life heedlessly, – he should look at everything much more soberly to reach so maybe, nevertheless, still to an aimed aim. Who raises the glass in the dream to many people and drinks with them, stands there generally in his feeling relations fluctuating and has to make good something. The drinking with one or several people points out to the fact that one must produce a feeling respect with these one or these people.

The dream symbol sometimes also warns specifically about too much consumption of alcohol. The negative dream variation – one staggers helplessly drunk and feels delivered – symbolises the fear to diminish inhibitions to let fall etc. – the ‘cat’ (“remorse”) is expected as an inevitable result. In general frequent drunkenness dreams point to the inclination to avoid disagreeable situations – the hard reality-. One would not like to look at a lot any more ‘so soberly’.

Alcohol dream dictionary
Alcohol – Dream Symbol Interpertation


Alcohol as ‘a mind’ is the connection of contrasts and means change in awareness.



  • in general: one should think to himself about that whether one should not moderate his wishes,
  • shop: you will celebrate parties,
  • pour out: you close new friendship,
  • drink: one tries to deceive you, remains watchful!

(European ones).:

  • drink a little glass alcohol: it runs soon a spiritual strength or the right intuition,
  • drink secretly: Wish for the forbidden joys which bring incommodities.
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