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This dream may warn you against taking on a tiresome duty that will bring you little income and gratitude.

Dream meaning agreement

If you dream that you can not avoid an agreement, it is a sign that you need to learn assertiveness and think about something that is important to you and not to others.


It cautions you not to take on too much responsibility, as it will not bring profit.

If you dream of an unsigned business agreement, it foretells that you will go through a hard time.

When you sign an agreement, it foretells that you will quarrel with family members. You may also lose money or a loved one.

A rental agreement foretells trouble for you.

Commercial agreement: you overlooked a small thing, however, which may cause the whole plan to go awry. Once again, think everything through carefully.

When someone forces you to sign an agreement: in the coming days, someone will begin to put pressure on you.

agreement dream meaning

Meaning of the dream AGREEMENT in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Arabic Dreambook:

When you dream that you are signing an agreement, it is a sign that there is nothing you can do to improve your situation.

Mystic Dreambook:

This symbol is a warning for you against a mistake in your plans or a possible oversight. It can foreshadow false hopes and miscalculations.

Grandma’s Dreambook:

If you dream that you are entering into an agreement, it augurs for you to attend business meetings or a commitment that will involve oppression for you.

dream about agreement

Dream about agreement

The appearance of a agreement in a dream may indicate the need to compromise or an exhortation to make a careful analysis of all the agreements you have recently concluded.

The dream, moreover, may reflect your attachment to things or to people in your immediate environment.

  • making an agreement – means that your subconscious is trying to present you with a solution to a certain problem or conflict
  • signing it – the dream reflects your concern about the immediate future
  • breaking an agreement – it is a sign that you feel unappreciated or fed up with injustice
  • torn agreement – indicates that you don’t want to have any obligations, you feel best living from day to day
  • analyzing the agreement – is a sign that you are wondering how much longer you will have to stick to the choices you have made
  • rental agreement – indicates that you are wondering where you will be in your life in the proverbial five or ten years’ time
  • marriage agreement – you are afraid that the decisions you have made will affect your entire life
  • employment agreement – you are looking for stability in your life
  • loan agreement – remember that it is not worth living on credit.
Agreement dream dictionary

Agreement – Dream Symbol Interpretation

One closes agreement in the dream mostly if one has succeeded in reconciling own internal contradictions with each other. However, the symbol can also contain the request to reach during a conflict with other people to a compromise and to settle a dispute.


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