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Auction – Dream Symbol Interpretation

She stands for the positive co-operation in public and the readiness also to use property or to squander in the negative sense. If an auction took place in the dream, can refer to own ambition to own something. The main question is present, has cooffered around what exactly one – maybe around a professional position. Has one offered not enough or however more than the thing was really worth? If so, one should presumably think over the ambition.


(European ones).:

  • in general: a warning! One should become more sparing, otherwise one could soon be in financial difficulties.
  • if your things are auctioned: an unfavorable sign, are on the alert otherwise you are used by a friend, – you lend no money,
  • if the auctioneer the prices exclaims: good views and fair treatment in commercial enterprise.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Auction

Auction - dream interpretation and meaning
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