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If you dream that you are giving alms, it is a sign that you are willing to make sacrifices, but perhaps expect gratitude and appreciation for it. If you receive alms, it means that you fear that you will be a burden to others when you need their help.

Dream meaning almsgiving

When you dream that someone asks you for alms, it portends bad luck for you.


If you voluntarily give alms to someone, it foretells an imminent improvement in your situation and an end to bad luck in financial matters, but ultimately wealth will not give you happiness, but will be the cause of further trouble.

If you receive alms in a dream, it foretells a loss for you.

When you see people taking alms, it foretells that someone will appeal to your generosity.

When you dream that you are acting to give alms to the poor, it means that you will have good friends and will be prosperous. It can also signal that you have someone to count on in times of trouble or foreshadow the fulfillment of your long-held dream.

alms dream meaning

Meaning of the dream almsgiving in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

When the motif of almsgiving appears in our dreams, it signifies that we are ready to settle accounts with the past. We can finally come face to face with the dirty truth about ourselves. To face our demons and move further in our personal development.


Arabic Dreambook:

In general, this motif may be an admonition for you to have more of a heart for others, especially the vulnerable.

If in a dream you give, take or refuse alms, it augurs trouble, frustration and bad experiences for you.

When you happily give alms, it is a signal that you can be sure that you will be helped in case of unexpected troubles. The symbol can also herald the realization of a long-held dream.

Giving alms to a lot of people foretells that your plan will come true, and it may have good consequences for your financial situation.

When you take alms from someone in a dream, it foretells a slight improvement in your financial situation.

When you give alms to the poor, it is a signal that you will succeed in achieving a high social position.

If you initially refuse, but nevertheless give alms or accept them, it foretells the coming of hard times for you.

Dream aboute Alms

Alms in a dream can have several meanings, depending on whether you dream that you are the one giving alms to someone or you are the one receiving the donations.


Meaning of dreams with almsgiving symbolism

If you dream that you are a donor, it means that you are a generous and generous person who is willing to help others. In real life, too, there will be someone who will need your help (not necessarily material) and you will be happy to give them this help.

If you dream that you are receiving alms then you will probably soon reach out for help and be given it.

A helping hand will allow you to deal with any adversity faster and better. You will manage to go out on a limb and direct your life in a direction that will bring much satisfaction and joy.

Did you have a dream in which you gave money to the church? Such may indicate that you are moved for any request for financial help, but unfortunately you are not able to provide it. For some, such a dream may mean that you are too quick to give in to financial requests and do not verify their validity.

Helping the poor and being a donor in dreams
Helping the poor in a dream for many can be a particularly favorable sign. Your financial situation will improve and you will receive an additional injection of cash. It is worth investing this money or putting it aside for a black hour.

Giving alms in a dream can also tell the dreaming person that your love is unrequited. In reality, you are giving love to a person who is unable to appreciate it. However hard it may be, it’s worth seriously considering whether the person is worth it. Don’t let your sincerest feelings be used against you.

Giving away money in a dream can be a symbol of unexpected profits. For a young woman, it may be a sign before meeting an interesting and wealthy man. You will be bestowed with sincere love and obtain financial security. For enterprising people, it’s a sign that your investments will bring in more income than you expected. You will also get an opportunity to pay off all outstanding debts.

Alms dream dictionary

Alms – Dream Symbol Interpretation

If one gives alms, points this willingness to make sacrifices and points out at the same time to the fact that one should not be mean internally. To the outside one is generous with pleasure, gratitude and consideration also, however, expects for it. Alms express received the fear not to create it even any more, to be a burden to others or to have to ask. Outwardly one fears material need so much that one would like to protect himself ‘at all costs’. Even if one would have to (allow to degrade himself for it.



  • give or take refuse: Annoyance and frustration experience,
  • with joy conceive: one can be certain to receive help in a predicament quite unexpectedly, – a long-preserved wish could come true,
  • with prejudices take: you will become poor and ill, you will bring disgrace about your house,
  • distribute: glad days approach, – your plan achieves good success, – the view of financial success for the next time is good.


  • Being one in the dream receiver from alms, so a light financial improvement remains to expect.
  • distributed one alms to others, so is to be calculated on a strong increase of own social position.
  • denying you to itself, nevertheless, to give alms or to accept, hard times approach you.
  • recommends quite in general the symbol, to be less hard and to raise more understanding for others, above all for weaker.

(European ones).:

  • are requested and decline: Signs for bad luck,
  • give freely: promises the deprived luck and probably soon of an improvement of his financial relations, however, the rich annoyance and financial problems,
  • receiver of alms be: joyless events approach,
  • conceive: good friends and good shops, you will get a good office, – also: one be certain to receive help in quite an astonishing predicament, – also: a long-preserved wish could come true,
  • see a receiver of alms: one will appeal to your generosity.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Alms

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