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A ape in a dream represents arrogance, embarrassment, and a deliberate attempt to embarrass someone. You will have trouble realizing that you are wrong on one point, and it would be better for you to listen to others.

Ape : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

The problem with accepting our own life may lie at the root of our personality. The appearance of a monkey in a dream may also indicate that our primal instincts are awakening.


see a ape – you will try to make a fool of someone
seeing more than one monkey – a social meeting full of humor and laughter awaits you

small – you will complete an important undertaking and breathe a sigh of relief
attacker – you will have to wonder why what is most important is going your way most reluctantly

attack the ape – you will get into an unnecessary conflict

run away from the ape – you will slow down and look at those who continue to run to the career race with a hint of superiority

fight the ape and lose – serious illness warning

try to catch her – you will regret the decisions made earlier


climbing ape – portends happiness in love

ape eating banana – finally you will be able to fulfill your own desires

a ape sitting on your shoulder – it is possible that you will fall victim to a thief

white ape – means difficulty in striving to be an expert in a certain field.


What does it mean when you dream about Ape

Ape dream dictionary
Ape – Dream Symbol interpretation

The ape in the dream is a symbol for the wilful side of the dreaming. Every person has a talent to express himself mimisch or copying. The ape in the dream encourages the dreaming to help himself to this talent.


At the spiritual level the ape Bad can illustrate as a swindler or scoundrel.


(European ones).:

  • announces the illness of a dear person, – also: stands for deception and deception,
  • a little one does gymnastics in a tree: care is offered, a wrong friend provides for discrepancies.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ape

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