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When you see an apricot in a dream, it means that you will soon make some profit and be very happy, but not necessarily just for this reason.

Apricot : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

The growing apricot portends that your future will be very cheerful and joyful.


Blooming apricot portends you a late marriage.

When you dream that you are selling apricots, this portends considerable financial benefits for you.

Eating apricots is a sign that you will be in good health in the near future.

Eating dried apricots portends sadness for you for some reason.

When in a dream you see someone eating apricots, it means that your idea will not find approval from other people.

What does it mean when you dream about Apricot

What does it mean when you dream about Apricot

  • The apricot dream: sweetness and sensuality.
  • A dream of ripe apricots: successes.
  • Green apricot dream: premature joy, fear of disappointment.
  • A dream of rotten apricots: failure and disappointment.
  • The dream of eating apricots: carnal pleasures.
  • Dream of wormy apricots: Disappointment with a situation or relationship that seems perfect.
  • Dream of eating dried apricots: unexpected difficulties.
  • Dream of someone eating dried apricots: an unpleasant event.
  • The dream of tearing apricots: a close victory.
  • A dream of fallen apricots: missed opportunities.
  • The dream of an apricot tree: happiness, joy, sweetness, prosperity, happiness, vitality.
  • The dream of planting apricots: a happy life.
  • The dream of watering apricots: the need to fight for your own happiness.
  • Apricot pruning dream: sacrifices will be necessary.
  • A dream about a blooming apricot: a period of joy and happiness.
  • The dream of a green apricot: hope and optimism.
  • The dream of a fruiting apricot: the success of your intentions.
  • The dream of a withering apricot: wasted effort.
  • Dream of a withered apricot: an unfavorable period.
  • A dream of cutting an apricot branch: an unfortunate event.
  • The dream of cutting apricots: broken happiness.
  • The dream of sawing apricot: a period of sadness and withdrawal.
  • The dream of a neglected apricot: neglect, an act committed in bad faith.

Apricot – dream meaning

Apricot dreams are a common type of dream that can have a variety of interpretations depending on the context of the dream and the individual’s personal experience. In general, apricots are a symbol of abundance, fertility and renewal, making them a powerful and meaningful symbol in dreams.


One interpretation of an apricot dream is that it symbolizes abundance and prosperity. This type of dream can indicate that the dreamer is experiencing a period of abundance in their life, or that they are about to experience good fortune and success. The abundance of apricots in the dream may also reflect the abundance of opportunities and possibilities in the dreamer’s life.

Another common interpretation of apricot dreams is that they symbolize fertility and renewal. Apricots are often associated with spring, a time of renewal and rejuvenation, and the dream may reflect the dreamer’s own sense of renewal and growth. This type of dream can also indicate that the dreamer is about to embark on a new phase of life, or is in the process of making positive changes and improvements.

In some cases, apricot dreams can also be a symbol of temptation and indulgence. Apricots are a sweet and juicy fruit that can be tempting to eat, and the dream may reflect the dreamer’s desire for indulgence or excess in their life. This type of dream can also indicate that the dreamer is struggling with self-control and needs moderation in his or her life.

Apricot dreams can also be influenced by cultural and personal beliefs. In some cultures, apricots are associated with love and passion, and a dream about apricots may reflect these cultural values and beliefs. For individuals who have a personal connection to apricots, such as a favorite childhood memory or a positive experience with the fruit, the dream may reflect these personal experiences and memories.

Apricot dreams can have a variety of interpretations and can be influenced by personal experiences and cultural beliefs. These dreams can serve as a symbol of abundance, fertility, renewal, temptation, and indulgence, and can provide insight into the dreamer’s own emotions, relationships, and life experiences. Whether we dream of apricots as a symbol of abundance and prosperity or as a symbol of temptation and indulgence, these dreams can offer valuable insights into our own lives and help us better understand and address the challenges and opportunities we face.

Apricot dream dictionary
Apricot – Dream Symbol Interpretation
  • apricot tree: a nice dear life is entitled to you,
  • apricot blossoms: rich chance to earn money,
  • apricot fruit: you can count on child blessing.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Apricot

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