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The arbour in dreams is a warning against a turbulent relationship or chaos in life. Dream can also be a metaphor for sick feelings.

Arbour : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

being in the arbour – means that you will soon learn the secret of the feelings of the person you care about very much


beautiful arbour – portends favorable changes in personal life

a new arbour – a sign that you do not need to improve anything in your life, everything you have done and what you have come up with is definitely enough

old arbour – announces the appearance of a certain figure from the distant past who will make you realize that your actions were right

ugly and dilapidated – it portends a sad ending to a long-dragging affair

if you sit with her with your family – heralds a break from unexpected worries and everyday life struggles

wooden arbour – indicates that the advice of other people should be treated with reserve, after all, our own experiences can give us a ready-made solution


buying a arbour – is a sign of new plans, challenges and acquaintances

if you see plants climbing on it – it promises reciprocity of feelings and meeting new and very interesting people

arbour overgrown with grapes – a sign that your life will change if you help your own happiness in time.


What does it mean when you dream about Arbour?

The arbour is a symbol of happy love, as well as an announcement of a meeting with a loved one.

The appearance of an arbor in a dream means that soon we have a chance to change our love life. The meaning of dream largely relates to love and partnerships.

When you dream that you are sitting in a arbour, it means that you will manage to overcome all adversities that will try to prevent you from achieving your dream goal. We should therefore be vigilant in opening up to social contacts.

A arbour symbolizes a place of friendly meetings and meetings and is a sign of overcoming obstacles to happiness soon, a arbour seen in a dream is a sign of secret love. Someone may try to capture our heart by seeking our favors.

A arbour that appears in a dream is most often a sign of a happy relationship based on love and mutual respect, but it can also portend an imminent meeting with a loved one. This symbol may mean that you are looking for shelter and safety. Thus, symbolically in our dreams, it encourages us to communicate freely with acquaintances, friends, neighbors, allows us to freely reveal our emotions outside, through social conversations, while enjoying social everyday life and bringing joy to the lives of others, without gossiping, mythomania and wasting time.


Secret love. It can also mean that many obstacles will soon be overcome to finally achieve the intended goal of happiness and abundance.

Dreaming of a arbour also means someone composed, happy and positive about life. A small house in the garden also indicates a secret hidden inside you.

These can be various secrets, for example love or secret knowledge, you will get more information by analyzing other symbols appearing in this dream. You will do it against all obstacles and you will have great satisfaction from it.

The meaning of the arbour dream

Sit in the arbour

you will learn the secrets of feelings, fulfillment in the sphere of feelings, overcoming all adversities, the desired happiness.

Dilapidated arbour

your plans will fail, you will not realize your plans.

Build a arbour


success in a relationship, striving for a successful relationship.

See the arbour

coming love, happy love.

Arbor of roses

symbol of tender and passionate love.

Wooden arbour

happiness for many years.

Burn or destroy the arbour


you will miss a chance.

Brick arbour

nice visit.

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Arbour – Dream Symbol Interpretation

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Arbour

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