Advice dream dictionary


Advice dream dictionary

Advice – Dream Symbol Interpretation

If the dreaming receives an advice in his dream, he should search orientation not outside, but in himself. An up to now neglected personality aspect possibly helps him. Advice points out preserved traditionally to the fact that one harvests only ingratitude for his trouble.


In the dream indicates to suppose an advice that the dreaming recognises the need to do something certain, although he feels of it rejected. Tells to advise another person to recognise that of the dreaming knowledge owns which can be helpful for others.



At the spiritual level the advice registers in the dream that the dreaming owns internal consciousness. The higher Itself often appears as a figure which gives an advice.



  • give: you carry on lawsuits because of little things, – resignation of a being close person approaches, – Li> does not underestimate your enemies,
  • receive: one repays to you with ingratitude, – an expected broadcasting is missing,
  • reject: one has become too much dependent on a being close person.


    you should avoid

  • of giving you to somebody in the dream an advice, in future to degrade other from inattentiveness or arrogance. They incline to it, with people whom you estimate or are dependent on you to handle a little bit roughly and to be hard to them. If you receive against it an advice, you will soon make a pleasant acquaintance. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • sign for useful friendship, – the dream person is seldom identical with the friend and must be searched somewhere else,
  • receive an advice: one will be able in one or other manner to put through the high moral images and to take independence with upright means,
  • search juridical assistance: doubts about his use and legality will arise with a plan.


  • give: are present at dull processes,
  • receive: you are recompensed with ingratitude.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Advice

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