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The presence of an attic in a dream usually indicates uncertain plans or a lack of decisive action in life.

Very often, such a dream may suggest that we are in a precarious situation or that we make plans that will either come true or contribute to our failure. Such a dream always signals the fact that we should rethink our goals.


Dream meaning attic

Climb up, enter the attic

When we climb or enter the attic during sleep, it is a sign that we live dreams and delusions, we believe in theories that are far from objectivity, functionality or reality.

If a woman dreams of climbing the attic, it may mean that she lives vainly, flaunts her alleged greatness, is selfish, and is ruled by selfishness.

Clutter in the attic

A disorderly, cluttered and dusty attic, additionally overgrown with cobwebs, may indicate the fact that we have forgotten some values ​​and positive aspects of our personality that deserve saving.

attic dream symbol

Clean attic

The attic, clean and filled with valuable items, promises new challenges that will require a lot of attention from you. When performing these tasks, you will need the knowledge and skills you have acquired so far.

Dark attic

A dream in which we are in a dark and dimly lit attic suggests that we will go through difficulties and unpleasantness that may adversely affect our reputation and opinion.

The attic is on fire

A burning attic signals the deterioration of the health of a sleeping person.


A ghoul in the attic

When in a dream you meet a phantom in your attic, it is a sign that unresolved problems, things from the past and past events are blocking you, preventing you from developing. Such dreams often indicate hidden emotions and feelings that are depressing you.

Entering the attic

Going to the attic reflects the dreamer’s actions related to the pursuit of getting to know his personality, intellectual transformation.

A dream about an attic is often a sign of longing for childhood and the sentiment we have for childhood.

Hide in the attic

Hiding in the attic symbolizes all kinds of dangers.

Sleep in the attic

To dream of sleeping in the attic means that we do not feel well at work and are not satisfied with it.


Dream about Attic

An attic is a place that each of us associates with a mystery, something mysterious, magical from an early age. It is there that there are old, seemingly useless items to which children often attribute magical, heavenly meanings.

Most typically, the dream about the attic looks like this: we are in our own or someone else’s house, and we climb the stairs leading to the top floor, and then we enter the attic. It may look different. It can be dark, lifeless, and in the dark, you can feel mystery and weirdness; it can also be a treasury of photos, souvenirs, and furniture that have been stored here for generations. In the attic, a ghost can also scare you.

How to interpret dreams about the attic?

Home is a very personal, intimate place, and this is the role that is also assigned to it in our dreams. As a rule, it evokes memories of a specific period in our lives, and it can also be a metaphor for life in general. The rooms and their role reflect different sides of the dreamer’s personality. The attic is a room in which we usually store items of sentimental importance that are particularly important to us for some reason. It is associated with memories and tradition and can symbolize those values ​​that shaped us, influenced our personality, and how we are at the moment. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the attic is located in the highest part of the house, so it is like its head, which makes it considered a special dream symbol. If ghosts appear in our attic dreams, perhaps we are thoughts of past events or have not said goodbye to a loved one who has died. It is worth considering it carefully.


How would a attic dream interpret Freud?

Freud did not refer directly to dreams of an attic in his works but wrote about rooms in the house. He argued that “the rooms in dreams represent women; if different routes from rooms and to rooms are shown, the interpretation is unlikely to be in doubt.” Supporters of Freud’s theory claim that since, according to him, the basement is a metaphor for the unconscious, the attic can symbolize the superego.

How would a attic dream interpret Jung?

According to Jung, home is a metaphor for the Self, “the residence of the mind.” Climbing the stairs and trying to get to the attic means that we want to get to know our psyche better. We attempt to start the process of intellectual transformation without fear of possible falls.

What Does It Mean to Dream About Attic?

Attic dream dictionary
Attic – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – higher consciousness, – recollection, – stored past. Question: – What is there ‘up there’ that I would like to take in possession or this to explore I am afraid?

He is whole on top about the developed world, – he is our waiter small room in which the frame of our structure of thought becomes visible. On the attic order should be like in our head. Here it may not ‘spin’, junk may not accumulate. On the attic one mostly keeps things on which are old or which one needs a little or not at all. Dreams of the attic are always a little bit suspicious. They deal a lot with youth recollections, recollections of the curiosity, the forbidden Durchstöberns and earlier erotic experiences. Maybe the dreaming should deal with his past, a lot of useful can be to be found there. The dim uppermost space is for some child, like the lowest dark space, a fear place. In this it projects the notion of dark life powers. In the dreams of the attic one often bumps into funny, ancient and unauthorised contents, on imagination and various Querulieren. It is exceptionally dangerous if ‘fire in the roof’, under the roof of the house breaks out. Then a fire breaks out in the head, mostly too late noted. Such fire dreams are able to do beginning spiritual disturbances ankünden.

Islam dream meaning – Attic

  • for a single: Engagement,
  • for a married: avoid flirtations,
  • for impecunious: promises more favorable circumstances,
  • climb one: one inclines to run after theories and to leave the hard everyday life to others which do not manage with it so well.
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