Anesthesia is associated with unconsciousness, so in a dream it means that you want to free yourself from reality so that you can experience great pleasure.

However, be aware that waking up from this state may bring you the certainty that you have done wrong.


Dream meaning anesthesia

  • When you see someone anesthetized in your dream, it means that you will use someone’s stumbling block to arrange your own benefits.
  • When you anesthetize someone in a dream, the dream suggests that you sometimes act dishonestly. You do not hesitate to arrange your interests at the expense of your neighbor.
  • If in a dream you see or talk to an anesthesiologist, a warning against credulity. Sometimes the dream is a warning against thieves, robbers and swindlers.
  • When you anesthetize yourself with alcohol, the dream expresses a lack of self-control. It can also indicate mental problems of the dreamer.
  • When you dream about dental anesthesia, some action of yours will bring harm. You will not be aware that you are doing wrong.

Other meaning of dream

  • Anesthesia – this is one of the dreams that allows us to free ourselves from unwanted emotional and emotional states….
  • To receive – you are looking for respite, peace and a moment of detachment from problems….
  • To give – you will give selfless support….

Anesthesia – a symbol of falsely shown feelings, which in the extreme form in your dream may cease to be shown in whatsoever degree.

This dream indicates barriers to the expression of your feelings, where their release is most often associated with a sense of security in the relationship, if it is not there the person dreaming in his dream is dry, insensitive and his emotions are in a particular way accentuated….

Anaesthesia dream dictionary

Anaesthesia – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Symbol of the unconsciousness – who dreams of it would like to ‘release’ itself with pleasure from the reality (or a special real excessive demand) and only wake again and be present if the worst is got over.



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Dream interpretation and meaning : Anaesthesia

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