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In ancient times, agate was believed to be able to make dreams come true, so it still embodies magical powers today. In a dream, it can be a symbol of emotional protection and good aspects of your personality and your life.

Dream meaning agate

When jewelry with agate appears in your dream, it tells you that someone will give you a very pleasant surprise, which will make you very happy and even touch you.


If you wear a ring with it in your dream, it tells you that auspicious, very good times will come for you. You will also gain many friends who you can count on in times of need.

A dream in which small agate crystals appear means that you will make a profit through persistent, diligent work.

A dream about large polished agates tells you of unexpected profit or an influx of cash.

agate dream meaning

Meaning of the dream AGATE in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

In general, this motif can mean that you are quite a vain person, or at least you show a predisposition to it.

A ring with agate or small stones heralds you sadness and longing.


Large polished agates herald good luck for you.

Jewelry with agate can signal that you pay too much attention to your appearance.

If you make jewelry with agate, it is a signal that someone is mocking you.

Dreambook Arabic:

If you dream of jewelry with agate, it is a sign that you will encounter absurd experiences in the near future.


Dream about agate

There are many shades of Agate pink, brown, white, blue, however, Agate affects and calms our mind, while connecting our soul with patience, constancy, allows us to be faithful to loved ones, but also to ourselves, also allows us to show courage and perseverance.

Appearing in a dream agate has a protective power, and is a symbol of the positive side of your life. In ancient times, agate was believed to be able to make dreams come true, so it still embodies magical powers today. Traditional transmissions attribute to agate the power to attract inheritances, gifts, pointing out hidden treasures. The same is implied for the white or brown stone.

As a Power Stone, it increases the flow of energy by recharging us with the power of the Earth element at the level of the first chakra. It provides inner balance, protects the essence of its owner. You are likely to succeed in your professional life, especially if you are involved in running your own business, and if you are working on a regular basis, you can expect a promotion.

Agate is a mineral valued in jewelry with various colored bands. In general, agate as a dream symbol means that the person dreaming about it likes to surround himself with luxury and beautiful, expensive objects, and shows excessive care for his appearance.


When you dream that you are wearing jewelry with agate, it is a warning that your relations with the environment are not at all as good as you think, because people you consider friends, behind your back are groping you and you are the object of their jokes. Medicinally, it is used to strengthen a person’s sexual organs, relieves infections combined with fever, headaches, skin disorders, improves sleep and removes anxiety, relieves inflammation of the throat.

If you fail to react in time and resolve these conflicts, they can have a very negative impact on your situation. Stone is a sign of durability. It likes to present itself elegantly, but has a tendency to exaggerate in doing so. In ancient times, the stone was believed to have the power to make dreams come true, and to this day magical powers are attributed to it.

If you see a large polished agate in your dream, you are in for an improvement and stabilization of your financial situation, so you can rest assured about your economic status. In a dream, it can be a symbol of emotional protection and good aspects of your personality and your life.

May this permanence translate into the bosom of the family. If, on the other hand, it is small and dark, it foretells serious quarrels in the family and in the immediate environment. It can also be a person who is delicious, hypocritical and a snob who pretends to be someone much better than he really is.

If you buy this stone, you can expect to receive some valuable gift. It strengthens the sense of self-worth, removes negative energies and depression sharpens the view of a person’s spirituality.

Dream meaning of agate

Small agate crystals

material prosperity, from a grain to a grain and a measure will gather, a large profit due to persistent work, you can expect disputes and troubles over trifles.

Large polished agates

augur good luck for you, an unexpected influx of cash, the announcement of unexpected profit in business.

Jewelry with agate

may signal that you pay too much attention to your appearance.


Ring with agate

happy times will come, you will gain many new friends.

Red agate

signifies health, longevity and an idyllic life.

Jewelry with agate

You will be pleasantly surprised in the near future.

You make jewelry with agate

is a signal that someone is mocking you.

Black agate

symbolizes wealth, courage and vigor.

Agate dream dictionary

Agate – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Brilliantly, – translucently, – deep earth energy, – razor-sharply, – protecting, – earthing, – cutting, – moon of the long snow. Description: Agate, in the medicine wheel the mineral totem in the moon of the long snow (from the 22nd of November to the 21st of December) to Born, a volcanic glass and on chemical base is identical with granite. He originates as a component the magma which resigns from the volcano, pours out itself above the earth and cools off then fast. Agate is ordinarily black and slightly translucent, nevertheless, he can also seem in other colour variations. The mineral has been used during millenniums by the person as tools, mirror, jewellery and as a Schabinstrument. It is very hard and can be sharply like a razor blade. Agate should bind people to the earth. He is also used to the future show. General meaning: New connection with the earth energy, – new tools find, – see an aspect of itself which is razor-sharp, analyses sharply and thinks, – investigate an ornamentally or decorative aspect of your personality. Association: – Transcendent meaning: A gift of the ability to look in the future. If agate meets you in a dream, check him exactly for the possible pictures in his inside.

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