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Approach – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Can approach signal that one tries to hide something unbecoming or to varnish. Here it depends very much on the colour with which one approaches or allows to approach. Beside the colour must be often still considered which objects are lacquered.

  • white painting can indicate pursuit ideas which are sometimes morbid.
  • of garish (above all red) painting announces a happy event or points to energy and energy.
  • grey painting can stand for a monotonous, uneventful life behind which maybe a rich souls and mind life is hidden, – grey sometimes also expresses that one would not like to strike.
  • black painting sometimes announces an illness or other danger.



  • something with coloured colours: cheerful experiences,
  • something with black colour: Illness,
  • something with white colour: innocent incidents,
  • a wall: a glad experience approaches,
  • a fence: you should be hid,
  • a wall with bright colour: happy event,
  • a wall with dark colour: Death in the family.

(European ones).:

  • knows: you will suffer heavy loss, – pursuit,
  • black: you lose friends or female friends, – warning before beginning illness,
  • green: is of good hope,
  • fiercely or red: you get an invitation, – joy,
  • blue: Cheerfulness and cheerfulness,
  • yellow: you have reason for the jealousy,
  • radiant red: one soon has reason for the joy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Approach

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