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The atlas usually symbolizes an unexpected journey that will turn your world upside down. It is interpreted as the ability to control people or as striving at all costs to obtain the desired result.

Alternatively, an atlas dream may indicate that you need to work on certain areas of your knowledge. Browsing the atlas means planning a long journey, vacation and a trip abroad.


It is also possible that your horizons are broadening and you are striving to broaden your knowledge. It is possible that you will also have a visit from guests in the near future. This dream can signify your desire to travel, but it can also be a signal for you to answer the question of whether you have a real sense of a good direction in life. In the Arabic dream book, if you read an atlas in a dream, it foreshadows that you will soon leave, during which you will expand your circle of friends.

In grandma’s dream book, this symbol portends you an unexpected departure. Atlas as a dream symbol usually foreshadows some unexpected journey that will change your life significantly, and perhaps even completely turn it upside down. Most likely, this trip will be related to work or study.

This may wait for you, if you dream that you are seeing an atlas, and if you are browsing it, it is a sign that someone will want to give you something important, but at the last moment, for some reason, they will change their mind and you will not receive the gift. Far countries, travels, escapades in times when the world is a global village, everything is possible, and it seems to be at your fingertips.

The dream about the atlas announces that in some time you will go on a business trip that will bring a lot to your personal worldview.

Buying an atlas in your dream symbolizes that your superiors will appreciate your commitment, which you will feel when paying. Browsing the atlas symbolizes that during your vacation you will decide to go somewhere different than usual.

Browse the atlas

promises students a good grade in geography, a would-be gift, personal development, success in life, you meticulously take care of the smallest details in life, an unexpected journey.


See the atlas

it foretells an unexpected journey, a long journey, you have long wanted to go on a further exotic place.

Browse the atlas at school

good geography degree, just don’t forget to learn because you will be asked.

Destroyed atlas

in a certain area of ​​knowledge you will learn nothing new.

He is for wanderlust and travel urge to go the preparation around on internal trip, but to flee also the wish of the soul. If an atlas or a map appears in the dream, the supposition is obvious that one looks for a way or gets one shown. One should investigate himself whether one has a good direction sense in the awake life.





  • read: You will soon do a bigger trip and win new friends.

(European ones).:

  • (map atlas): you must go on an unexpected trip.

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