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Dreaming of an avalanche means that work, daily duties and problems with which we struggle limit our sense of stability in life. Moreover, sleep is a warning of a danger that can only be avoided if we show sufficient caution and prudence.

Dream meaning Avalanche

see an avalanche

to see a falling avalanche – certain life situations still overwhelm you; if you correct a few repeated mistakes, you might be able to get into a satisfactory position


be afraid of an avalanche

to be afraid of an avalanche in your sleep – you are aware of a mistake you have made in the past

to run away from the avalanche

run away from an avalanche – unexpected events await you that will disrupt the course of your current life

be under an avalanche

be under an avalanche – the burden of everyday problems will fall on you
avalanche hazard – a situation or relationship will require your close attention.


What Dream About Avalanche Means

Association: – sudden emission of suppressed emotions with catastrophic result. Question: – Which old emotions are about to get expression with power?

dream avalanche

The dreams in which dangers of natural disasters threaten are prophetic hardly ever. If there are also such dreams, nevertheless, they are rare and also limited to certain people.

Moreover, they are frequent too in general and vaguely to be useful practically. A dream with an avalanche refers to an oppressive power in the life which threatens to run over one – an avalanche in work, for example. If the avalanche carries away, one does not control his life probably currently any more and must look around where one can find hold again.

avalanche dream symbol

Psychologically meaning

The avalanche which thunders the mountain in the dream down is in the awake life the danger which one recognises before which one cannot run away, however. Here the unconscious alarms our alert mind to put us courageously on a danger and to remain steadfast if it is also difficult. In this case the dreaming must win back the control of the external circumstances.

Mental and physical conflicts and tensions are abreacted by this picture in the dream often uncontrollably. The snowy masses going to valley are a picture for cooled off feelings, disappointment, resignation, bitterness, loneliness, but also for the dwindling vitality and under circumstances also the death of the dreaming. If one sees the avalanche in the sure distance, she warns about the dangers which one can still escape by circumspection, however. If one is in the midst of an avalanche, one is overpowered by the circumstances. She indicates to experience in the dream to perceive a devastating strength.

Spiritually meaning

At the spiritual level the power of icebound feelings threatens to overpower the dreaming.

Arabic, islam

  • see falling: your hopes are not fulfilled, – are dragged onto private or business Miss’s brightness which will influence the future with lasting effect negatively, – great danger, – also: Otherwise you tear big care before danger, friends with yourself in the misfortune,
  • are buried by her: Misfortune, – are overpowered by the living conditions.


  • one see rolling down: says that one escapes a great danger, – warning dream to escape on time from a doubtful situation – one has released himself of some negative and can stop it hardly,
  • are buried by one: one will be concerned by an unhappy event more or less.


  • see: you will have frustration with colleagues.
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