You need to be careful with your finances, especially if you saw some anarchists in your dream.

Dream meaning anarchist

When you see an anarchist in your dream, you may have money problems.


If you are an anarchist in your dream, profits await you.

When you pretend to be an anarchist in your dream, you are trying to pretend to be someone you are not.

Meaning of the dream ANARCHIST in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

When you see an anarchist in your dream, be careful and refrain from acting rashly.

When you see many anarchists, some kind of protest, unpleasant situations can escalate.

If you are an anarchist in your dream, do not invest money in uncertain profits.


Other Meaning :

  • To see – better refrain from action and be cautious and prudent in matters of a financial nature
  • To see several – the situation is escalating
  • To be – stop or suspend all investments….

To see an anarchist in a dream is a warning of a period of violent and dangerous events in your life of a financial nature.

This dream indicates that our rebellious, opposition-oriented personality will discover more surprises about your own life, but you will never know what is the reason for your troubles and inability to adjust to certain natural relationships in your life.

Your subconscious looks around in amazement at your life unsure of how once again it could happen that you are left in the lurch.

The dream is an advice to rebel against what is not in line with our inner convictions and here not to give way for a step, but in small and insignificant matters to learn tolerance and not to stand “on the fence” because it gets us nowhere.

Every personal freedom has its limits, and only the one is truly free who has learned not to violate the freedom of others by living in harmony with himself, and not the one who flaunts his freedom everywhere……

Anarchist dream symbol

Anarchist – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To dream of rebellion and anarchy the need of a ‘coup’ means in own life – of a drastic change.

Who sees himself as an anarchist in action, has to question the strong wish, an existing connection, obligation etc. or to surrender.

Also the desire in a very non-conformist life style and the injury of a taboo can express itself in this way.


At the moment everything seems chaotic, still, but a new order will soon arise from the chaos. Other, rather negative interpretations are in such a way: With this dream symbol the highest care is offered. Somebody wants to persuade you to a business transaction which stands on very ramshackle feet. Care in business matters, also with games of chance, above all if one sees more than one.

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