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Since you can’t live without air, in a dream this motif can mean something you need to live like oxygen. It is a symbol of mind, idea, imagination and creative thinking.

Dream meaning air

A dream about lack of air, air that is polluted, for example, from smoke, always has a negative meaning and can refer to the poor quality of your life or a situation in which you feel bad.


Important for the interpretation of a dream in which air appears, are your actions and feelings.

If the air is clean, you breathe easily and feel good, it means that you have opportunities for great development. Musty air and the accompanying feeling of anxiety signifies difficulties that you are unable to control on waking.

air dream symbol

Meaning of the dream AIR in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Arabic Dreambook:

If you dream that you are letting air somewhere or floating in the air, it means that when you are attacked by rage, you lose your sanity.

Good, bright air brings you closer to success, foggy and smoky air means you need to get serious about making important decisions in life. All this together can be a signal for you to pay more attention to the realization of your goals and care more about them, because only then you will succeed in achieving them.

Mystic dreambook

This motif in a dream usually foretells nothing good, but loss and destruction.


Bright air and blue skies foretell success for you.

Misty air foretells difficulties for you and signals that you once again need to carefully analyze your goals and how you pursue them.

If you are floating or flying in your dream, it foreshadows your freedom.

When you breathe in the air, it foreshadows that you will commit an evil act or it has already happened.

When you feel cold air, it foreshadows changes that await you in your professional life and contradictions in relationships at home.

Damp air foreshadows that your optimism will soon be destroyed by unlucky events.

dream about air

Dream about air

Air in a dream most often symbolizes freedom, creativity, intelligence and inspiration needed for success, especially if it is clean and you breathe it freely.

  • problem with getting air – this is a sign that someone will start to restrict your actions
  • if someone gives you air (in the form of an oxygen mask) – you will begin to feel a strong fear of the near future
  • clean air – heralds that you will find in yourself additional motivation, which will enable you to perform a complicated task
  • polluted – the dream heralds negative outside influences and interference that may interfere with the possibility of better development
  • moist air – beware, because someone wants to harm you
  • heavy and dense – you are facing an important decision on which your immediate future will depend
  • cold air – you’re facing a difficult period full of changes, at first you may be overwhelmed by their number and the consequences they may bring with them
  • air shimmering with different colors – means that you will not miss problems at home.

What does it mean to dream about air?

Meaning of Dream Air

Pay attention, feel as heavy – you need to make some kind of thinking effort…..
Clear – you will clean up your relationship with the environment and the way you see others….
Foggy – you may be the reason for disturbed relations with the environment….
Fragrant – time for good positive emotions and feelings….


Tip For Correct Dream Reading

Air is a symbol of infinity, incorporeality, eternity, heaven, contemplation, memory, soul, dream, inspiration, pursuit of freedom.

In the traditional cosmological conceptions of many peoples, air is one of the four primordial elements constituting the existence of matter, together with fire they are a pair of mobile, active, masculine elements, in contrast to the other two ? passive and feminine, it is in close symbolic relationship with wind, breath and the invisible but perceptible in action powers of the higher worlds…….,

Some cosmogonies considered fire to be the primeval cause of things, but most believed that air was the primordial element and that it only needed to be compressed and densified to obtain heat and fire, and from them life……,

As a volatile, airy element that connects heaven and earth, it is the environment of light, voice, smell, color, interplanetary vibration, and is the nourishment of the breath necessary for the life of every living thing.

The element of air was therefore treated as a perceptible symbol of invisible, universal life, a driving and purifying force, as well as the word of the biblical God on the day of creation, the environment of dematerialization, dissolving into nothingness under the influence of the energy, strength and power of our being…..,

In alchemy, one of the names for air is the word pramateria……., In Hindu mythology, Vaju, cosmic breath, breath, the essence of life……,

The ancient Greeks distinguished between the higher, luminous air regions, aither, ether, and the lower layer, air. The former, over time, came to be pictured as the space of the heavens composed of the elemental fire from which the sun and stars were formed, as the seat of the gods.

In the Jewish-Christian tradition, air was regarded as the realm of Satan, the prince of atmospheric power, the abode of spirits, demons and devils. The poignant, cool, especially night air was considered dangerous to health.


The eternal dream of mankind was to fly, to float in the air, which became synonymous with complete freedom and unlimited possibilities, which is why it was often regarded as a subtly material realm intermediate between the earthly and spiritual realms, and was often seen as a symbol of the invisible but perceptible in its effects of the spirit. In astrology, air was associated with the signs of the Zodiac ? Twins, Libra and Aquarius…….,

In alchemy, air was often marked with a secret sign binding other elements into one…..,

Pay attention to the quality of the air in your dream whether it is crisp, clear, clean and lightly breathed or whether it is foggy, polluted, stuffy, stale and heavy…….


Air dream dictionary

Air – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Breath, – intelligence, – intelligence. Question: – Which area of my life needs the stimulation?

In general:

If one on no account wants to lose to somebody, one needs him ‘how the air to the breathing’ – it is the most inalienable element – without air one cannot live – what does not breathe any more, becomes the dead matter. Air is valid as a symbol of the mind, the idea, imagination and the creative thinking. Also in the dream has the sensation that one gets ‘no air’ (or spent, smoky air), always a negative meaning which points to an oppressive situation, to a lack of quality of life.


The air is arranged in the dream interpretation as a symbol for creative thinking and the strength of the imagination. However, it can also be that the dreaming is warned by this picture before Traumtänzereien. Importantly for the interpretation are the dream action and the feelings of the dreaming. If the air is pure in the dream and is clear and feels itself the dreaming easily and buoyant, this points to a positive personality development of the dreaming. Musty air and anxiety feelings are a picture for unmastered problems or the difficulty to master them.


Air encloses the spiritual-mental life, above all high ideals and aims.



  • enter, free themselves of the ground: in your rage you lose the sensible judgment.


  • This symbol can be more exactly interpreted only in connection with the other signs in a dream. Clear, good air points to success. Misty or smoky air shows a recommendation to the dreaming to take seriously the coming important decisions very much. All together the signal wants to admonish to bigger seriousness and care by the realisation of his aims: The aims are accessible, however only if he gives his best. (Man



(European ones).:

  • promises a dilapidated state and nothing good,
  • makes clear air and blue sky: if success,
  • contains

  • foggy or strongly gets cloudy: difficulties are indicated, – one should think over deliberate changes once more,
  • float in the air or fly: announced a free position,
  • tells air to inhale: one commits on account of a Bedrängung a misdeed,
  • feel cold air: promises discrepancies in the professional life and contradictions in the relations at home,
  • the air humidity gives a hard time to one: a curse will press on one which will soon exhaust the optimism.

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