Antidote : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Antidote – as an antidote, it represents a way to free yourself from a painful problem …

Prepare – you will discover an important part of your true nature …


Serve? means sudden happiness in the most unexpected time or place …

Take – you will find a solution to a pressing problem that does not let you live …

Buying – difficulties await you, but you will manage to overcome …

It will reject the exhortation – it can also mean the inability to defend against someone or the inability to achieve the goal …

Tip To Read Your Dream Correctly …

The antidote in our dreams points to a powerful healing symbol, and as a symbolic reflection of the disastrous state of your spirit, it only appears when everything is already failing, and we are failing ourselves the most.


It is the purchase and taking of the antidote in a dream that strengthens our strength to change and change in the right direction, and in situations without clear exit relies on intuition that will lead us to the goal. It is thanks to the antidote that the pain and suffering of our soul are blurred and the dark night of our senses? Nigredo is forgotten.

What does it mean when you dream about Antidote

For people who live close to the world of the senses, the antidote in sleep often means fear of real illness, old age, dependence on others, and swallowing it symbolizes the expectation of outside help.

It is in this way that the subconscious gives a specific sign that something should be done about the prolonged state of helplessness and depression and we should take care of new impressions in order to get out of the emotional depression. Our subconscious tells us that relying on outside help is not enough.

Only a holistic approach to ourselves as a body, mind and soul relationship can heal our being.

An antidote taken out of force in a dream may just be a clue to look at the things that bother you from a different perspective. The solution may lie not outside but inside us, in our inner strength and skills that can lead us to solve the problem without outside help …

Antidote dream dictionary
Antidote – Dream Symbol interpretation

To dream that you need an antidote implies that you need to find harmony and accord in some aspect of your life. Perhaps you have committed a selfish or indecent act that you need to correct.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Antidote

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