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Browsing the archive in a dream is a sign of going back to memories and past events.

Archives : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dream also translates into a strong attachment to what once was.
Sometimes it is a sign to finally forget about past failures and focus on what is and will be.


At work and in business, a dream means that we should consider implementing more modern solutions.

  • See the archive – habits from the past.
  • Read the archive – be careful not to renew any resolved conflicts.
  • Put something back in the archive – you will forget about failures.

Archive – to be successful you should go back to your roots to learn from your experiences …

See – you can draw ideas from your experiences …
To be in – looking for old ways to new problems …
Transfer – changes that do not delight you …

Archives dream dictionary
Archives – Dream Symbol Interpretation

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Archives

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