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When an atom appears in a dream, it is a signal to turn to the little things, to notice them because they fit into a larger whole.

When you study an atom in a dream, you have to focus on your problems, to grasp them, you need to see not only them, but the reasons why they arose.


If an atom disappears in your dream, you cannot see it, be careful, you are missing something essential.

As the atom grows before your eyes, take action, because the problems won’t go away by themselves.

The meaning of ATOM sleep in other cultures and dream books:

Arabic dream interpretation:

This symbol means that you have a lot of rage and irritation.

Mystical dream interpretation:

Nuclear weapons appearing in your dream are a sign that your fear is pointless and only gives strength to your opponents.

  • you is a show-off and makes from a mosquito an elephant.
  • nuclear weapons: Your fear is pointless, she gives only to the opponents new strength.
  • Atomzertrümmerung: You have stored a lot of annoyance and fury in yourself and search somebody to discharge.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Atoms

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