It is a phallic symbol, indicating sexual needs that can become a source of creativity.

As the airship moves through the air, it can also mean that sexuality is hindering your intellectual abilities. It also often foretells social growth, achieving respectability or quick success.


Dream meaning airship

If you dream that an airship is hovering above your head, it is a sign that there is something that depresses you in your daily life.

If you dream that you are traveling in an airship, it means that you can reach your destination with the help of a friend.

An airship in a dream can combine purely sexual passions and desires, which pose a great threat to your internal balance. It means that if you fall in love, you will start to make mistakes and as a result you may suffer serious damage.

Meaning of the dream STEROWIEC in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

  • When you see an airship in your dream, it foretells growth and success for you.
  • If you are flying in an airship, it foretells progress for you.
  • If you see other people in an airship, it is a sign that your existence will be threatened.
  • A smoking airship foretells you of an unhappy journey.
  • Entering an airship heralds the fulfillment of your daring plans.
  • Flying an airship through the clouds is a sign that if you don’t hold back on your goals, you will make a false move.
  • If the airship falls while you are in it, it augurs fatal danger for you. A wrong action or a mistake made could cost you dearly.

Arabic Dreambook:

  • This symbol augurs you great good fortune.
  • If you see an airship in your dream, it is a signal that you will soon receive a message from far away.
  • If you are sitting in an airship, it means that all worries and sorrows are behind you, and your life is moving towards new happiness.
  • When in a dream you are flying an airship or flying it through the clouds, it means that you have not very well defined your personal goals and you should let your imagination run wild.

Indian Dreambook:

When you see an airship in your dream, it is a sign that you can reach your destination, but you need to show more courage.


Dream about Airship

Airship dream dictionary
Airship – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Airship in dreams is associated with the inner fears of the dreamer.

  • sight of an airship – is a warning not to take unnecessary risks in life, because if something goes wrong disaster may occur
  • gliding airship – means that someone is trying to control your life, it is high time to finally stand up for your own feelings
  • taking a trip on it – it is a sign that your wishes will soon come true
  • building or repairing an airship – indicates that you will need a more natural living space
  • piloting it – foretells that you will understand someone’s situation better when you stop manipulating the facts
  • not being able to take off – foreshadows that your expectations will soon become annoying for someone
  • crashing the airship – means that some obstacle will prevent you from moving on to the next stage in your life.

Airship (zeppelin) can embody passions and desires (often sexually) which easily endanger the internal balance. If one falls with an airship, one is mistaken himself and will thereby take serious damage.



  • see: you expect news from high place,
  • sit in it: All worries and all grief are behind you. It goes towards to new luck.
  • fly by or over the clouds with it: one should understand that the personal aims are not well backed up and that it would be better to put on his imagination rein.

(European ones).:

  • see: a tender wish will come to fulfilment, – streaming money, nevertheless, one should be careful with speculations,
  • rise in a balloon: if means an unhappy trip,
  • go in him: daring plans will go towards to the realisation,
  • fly by the clouds: one will commit a false action, – one should rein aims in the clouds,
  • with one fall: Mortal danger! One will come by a false action or a mistake hard to damage.

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