A dream about something scary or frightening usually means that you need to be more open to the changes that are about to happen in your life. So maybe it’s time for you to have the courage to put your plans into action.

We are often afraid to take new paths, and fear of the new can prevent us from achieving our goals. Fear of forgetting the past can make you cling to situations and people that hinder your growth.


However, a sense of fear can be motivating, for example, it can make us more reasonable and disciplined.

Dream Meaning Afraid

To be afraid (to feel fear)

A dream in which you feel afraid of something (sometimes something unspecified) means that you may have family problems, misunderstandings with friends, or business difficulties. The dream can also mean extreme fear. If fear is paralyzing your or someone else’s waking life, you should seek professional help, and this dream exhorts you to do so as soon as possible.

Someone else is afraid

If someone else is afraid in your dream, it can mean that this person (or someone close to you) has difficulty opening up to the world and to people, has fears.

The dreamer also explains such a dream as a prediction of financial problems. It may be that someone will not give you money or will make you pay for something.

To be afraid of other people (fear of people)

A dream in which you are afraid of people you know means that you must be careful of those with whom you live every day when you are awake.

The dreamer advises: “Be careful what you say to your relatives, lest they turn against you.


To be afraid of a relative (family)

A dream in which you are afraid of family members means that family difficulties may arise, which may involve money. Therefore, it is important to be more careful, especially if you notice any misunderstandings, so as not to aggravate the situation.

Being afraid to make a decision

A dream that you are afraid to make a choice means that you are going through a difficult time, during which you need to learn a lot and have some patience in dealing with issues and discussions. You have to make a decision in order not to stand still or suffer losses. Think out your strategy well and act.

Fear of theft

The dream indicates problems related to your finances or property, you are afraid of too many losses or expenses. The dream also warns you to be careful with your financial decisions, especially if they involve large sums of money.

Fear of heights

The fear of heights in the dream means that you are going through a period of great effort. Try to get through this phase as well as you can. Rest, make thoughtful decisions, plan your activities well. Don’t give up, don’t give in, just manage yourself and your time wisely and you will be satisfied with the results of your actions.

To be afraid of water (river)

The meaning of this dream is that you want to control everything, and since this is not possible in real life, it makes you afraid. The dream also warns you not to neglect your health.

To be afraid of ghosts (fear of ghosts)

The meaning of this dream refers to your past and the difficult experiences connected with it that affect your present life. This dream tells you to seek help to overcome past traumas and unresolved situations.

To be afraid of the dark (fear of the dark)

This dream suggests that you are afraid of new things. You must overcome this fear in order to achieve your goals in life. You must not be afraid to open yourself to the new. It’s time to move forward boldly.

Fear of death

The meaning of this dream is the fear of change. Change must occur in everyone’s life from time to time. Be open to what the world gives you. The dream is a sign that a certain phase of your life is coming to an end. Start something new and enjoy new opportunities.


Meaning of the dream: fear, being afraid

  • To be afraid (to feel fear) – there may be misunderstandings with friends or relatives
  • Someone else is afraid – be careful with your finances
  • Afraid of other people (fear of people) – be careful what you say to loved ones
  • Being afraid of a relative (family) – family difficulties may arise
  • Fear of making a decision – you are going through a difficult time, be patient
  • Fear of theft – think carefully before making financial decisions
  • Fear of heights – use yourself and your time wisely, get plenty of rest
  • Fear of water (river) – you want to control everything
  • Fear of ghosts – seek help to overcome past traumas
  • Fear of the dark (fear of darkness) – don’t be afraid to open up to new experiences
  • Afraid of death (fear of death) – a certain phase of your life is ending, a new one is beginning

Mystic dream meaning – fear

If you dream that you feel fear, it foretells that you will succeed in overcoming your adversaries and the obstacles that separate you from your goal.

The meaning of the dream of fear

When you see fear in other people’s eyes, it foretells an improvement in your professional situation.

Afraid dream dictionary

Afraid – Dream Symbol Interpertation

To feel that you are afraid to proceed with some affair, or continue a journey, denotes that you will find trouble in your household, and enterprises will be unsuccessful.

To see others afraid, denotes that some friend will be deterred from performing some favor for you because of his own difficulties.

For a young woman to dream that she is afraid of a dog, there will be a possibility of her doubting a true friend.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Afraid

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