Arthritis dream meaning


Arthritis Dream Meaning

  • Arthritis – a dream indicates that painful memories will return like a boomerang …
  • Feel – you waste too much time with worthless people.
  • Heal – obstacles in the implementation of matters and goals that are important to you …
  • Someone close – you will be very disappointed with a close person …
  • Friend – disappointments and worries that this person will cause you …
  • Suffering – repressed irritation or disappointment that means we are limiting ourselves in some way …
  • Go to the hospital because of – despite your best efforts, you will not achieve your goal …

What does it mean when you dream about Arthritis?

Arthritis or rheumatism as a disease of joints and bones indicates in a dream the connection with our spiritual construct as the basic cause of friction and contradiction in our consciousness.

It is this inner tension that stimulates our subconsciousness to a dream that manifests itself as an image of the imperfection of our “spiritual skeleton” which says a lot about our true psychic structure.


Depending on the intensity of joint or bone disease experienced during sleep, it may indicate a weakened motivation, lack of self-confidence, submission to others, mood swings or emotional volatility.

Only finding mistakes in the very attitude of the pattern of one’s own behavior can lead to a radical change, which will inevitably translate into the quality and style of our physical, material and intellectual life.

Some may base their reflections on past memories, others should spend more time meditating on their own posture and delving deeper into themselves …

Arthritis dream dictionary
Arthritis – Dream symbol interpretation

To dream that you have arthritis represents your inability to attain success. You do not possess the drive or ambition to finish a project or task. You may also be harboring feelings of vulnerability and weakness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Arthritis

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