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Key words: Pleasantly, – musically, – harmony, – curative, – moon of the rest and cleaning. Description: The aspen, in the medicine wheel the plant totem in the moon of the rest and cleaning (from the 20th of January to the 18th of February) to Born, is also called aspen-tree or aspen.

It is a pleasant, “musical” tree. The wind in her sheets generates a quietly ringing noise. Aspen looks tonic and relaxing. She should also help against congestion and hay fever. The concept Aspen is due according to national faith to the fact that of Jesus cross from aspen has been or has hung Judas to itself in such a tree.


General meaning: Quiet messages learn to conceive, – be able to perceive more subtle energy, – the ability, to resonate with the wind of the change. Association: How aspen foliage tremble, are afraid. Transcendent meaning: A gift of music, – something which can help you to leave you even deeper to the dream state.


(arab.): You wait for your luck, if patience has.

  • aspen foliage: You fear, your luck, patience has.

(European ones.): warns about much too high wanting to get out, cheerfulness could easily become the sadness.

A dream in which aspen appears is a warning against our enemies and their dangerous attempts, progress and traps that may be in store for us. If you dream similar dreams frequently, you should be vigilant.

Aspen seen in a dream sometimes also means peace and good news, but as the aspen leaves tremble, it can also portend fear.

If a broken, damaged tree appears in your dream, it is a sign that you have given up and stopped fighting for your good name. You are tired of being vilified by your enemies. Cut yourself off for a moment from the destructive environment in which you turn, take your distance, and the idea of how to regain your face will come to your mind.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Aspen

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