The interpretation of this dream depends on the circumstances. If this symbol appears under bad circumstances, it is a bad omen, but if you are not seriously affected by being unwell, it portends you to overcome your problems.

Dream meaning Aversoin

  • When in a dream someone feels an aversion to you, it may mean that you will be disappointed by the behavior of a loved one.
  • If you yourself feel a lack of willingness to act and you are saddened by your passivity, such a dream means that you will be able to overcome all adversities.
  • When you are prejudiced against someone in a dream, it may indicate that you will soon be able to afford your dream vacation.

This dream depends on the circumstances. If you dream of the fact that you somebody may not and about that are procured, then this is a bad omen. If it makes no difference to you, nevertheless, generally, your difficulties are overcome.


Islam meaning

  • feel: your friendship is on the wrong place, – is careful to whom you trust.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Aversion

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