An abbey seen in a dream symbolizes spirituality, peace and freedom from anxiety. When you see it in your dream, it means that you are satisfied with your life and fully satisfied with it.

Dream meaning abbey

If you enter an abbey in your dream, it is a sign that one of your friends will soon become seriously ill. You will have to give him your help and support.


If in a dream you see an abbey building on a bright day, it is a good sign, a harbinger of a happy life and productive time.

An abbey seen on a dark night augurs the arrival of unpleasant news.

When you live in an abbey in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon meet the love of your life on your path.

To see a building in ruins indicates feelings of hopelessness. You have a tendency not to finish the projects you have started.

The meaning of the dream abbey in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

The dream about the abbey refers to a greater or lesser tendency to doubt everything that is not in accordance with the norms, what is not established for us, to our lack of imagination or insufficient flexibility in life.


It indicates that we do not want to violate the ethical principles that were instilled in us in early childhood, we succumb to blind obedience to these norms and criteria. We are too conservative.

Abbey dream dictionary

Abbey – Dream Symbol Interpretation

A place of the rest and relaxation. The dreaming finds the long expected mind peace and the freedom of strains. The more weighty the construction, the better the view of it. On the other hand, an abbey can point in the dream, however, also to the fact that in him a trend towards the world escape develops.


(European ones).:

  • see a dilapidated one: if mean destroyed hopes and plans,
  • a priest keeps the entry: Preservation from ruin, because enemies hold your embarrassment for a progress,
  • for a young woman who enters one: if a bad illness forecasts for this,
  • for a young woman who talks to a priest in the abbey: it will be reproved for her indiscretion of friends.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Abbey

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