A dream about an apartment

A dream about an apartment signifies news or change. It often signals readiness to start a family or symbolizes family ties.

What the apartment looks like is the key to interpreting the meaning of the dream.


Dreambook apartment

New apartment

A new apartment in a dream is a symbol of financial changes that will lead to material independence.

According to Dreambook, this dream can also mean the appearance of a new love and is a harbinger of a long relationship.

Apartment where you lived

An old apartment in a dream signifies nostalgia for an old relationship or longing to meet with long-lost friends.

A dream in which an old apartment is decorated with new and beautiful furniture indicates that you are waiting to sign a lucrative contract or can expect business success.

Destroyed old apartment

If you see your apartment in ruins it means that your difficulties will soon disappear.

If you dream that you are still living in your old, dilapidated apartment, you should reconsider your life plans and change your strategy for implementing them.


For a young girl, the dream suggests that she should not believe in the promises of a young man.

Living in a tenement

The dream can mean big changes in your life, if the tenement is renovated, the dream can symbolize the improvement or renewal of family relations.

If the apartment in the tenement is for renovation, you should settle old disputes. Dreambook also reminds us of the importance and impact on the lives of future generations.

A tenement is a symbol of their passing and at the same time multigenerational ties.

Living in a block of apartments

The dream suggests that something will keep you from starting a new project. You may be isolating yourself too much from others. Reorganize your life, and revise your plans.

Small apartment

It is time to take care of your future. Focus on what is really important and what will lead you to success and satisfaction. It may be the need for education, or maybe the renewal of a relationship with someone close to you.


This dream speaks of prospects and great opportunities that open up to you. If the room is decorated with new and beautiful furniture, it symbolizes a good solution to your problems.

If the suite in your dream was large and luxurious, Dreambook advises: think about yourself, about your needs. Engage in your hobbies, meet with friends, and do what you have long dreamed of.


A new suite is a call for you to fight for your dreams, everything is within your reach, you just need to put more effort into it.

On the other hand, if a used suite appeared in your dream, it means that you should develop yourself, and above all expand your knowledge.

Gaining new information and experience will be necessary to achieve your goals and improve your situation.

Penthouse suite in a dream suggests a chance for promotion. Take advantage of all opportunities that come your way to reach your goal.

If you visited a suite abroad in your dream, Dreambook foretells a trip you have been dreaming of. It is also a time to enjoy moments with your family.

Empty apartment (abandoned apartment)

An empty apartment signifies spiritual emptiness and loneliness, but also a desire to escape from routine. A moment of solitude may be needed to collect thoughts and analyze the situation.

However, isolation from the world for too long will not work out in your favor. Look for solutions with the help of others.

A dream about an abandoned apartment indicates the need to leave the past behind. Focus on the positive and what you intend to do, to pursue.


Someone else’s apartment

According to Dreambook, someone else’s apartment in a dream symbolizes life changes. Whether they are good or bad depends on the feelings and emotions that accompany you in the dream.

Such a dream also speaks of the difficulty of implementing the established plans.

To inherit an apartment (deceased grandmother’s apartment).

This dream is a sign of small problems and difficulties, which should be solved as fast as possible. Another meaning of the dream symbolizes the improvement of finances and success in new investments. The dream can also symbolize longing.

To look for an apartment for yourself

Looking for an apartment in a dream symbolizes a desire to radically change your life, as well as to change your job or marital status. If you have important decisions to make, this is the time to do it.

To view an apartment

You will achieve stability and peace in your relationship. It is time to enjoy your love more or prepare for the arrival of a new one. This is a time of peace, contentment, and moments spent for two.

To buy an apartment

Buying an apartment in a dream signifies a good financial investment or easy profits but caution is necessary when signing agreements or commitments.

If you are buying a luxury apartment the dream means that your dreams are far from being realized and you have to work hard to make them come true.

To sell an apartment

A dream about selling an apartment means breaking off unnecessary relationships or making plenty of profit from an investment or transaction.


If you feel sadness about selling your apartment, Dreambook foretells parting with a person who is not indifferent to you. If you feel joy at the sale – you have a chance for a successful investment of funds.

To rent an apartment

This dream suggests that there will soon be changes in your personal life, for singles – a chance for someone interesting to appear, for a married woman – a chance for a new romance.

Renting a room to live in means finding a new love or a new hobby.


The meaning of the dream is interpreted as a phase of significant change, it is a sign that you are starting a new chapter in life or changing priorities.

Moving to a new apartment is also a symbol of unexpected success while moving to an old room means difficulty in achieving your goals.

Water in the apartment

The meaning of the dream is interpreted as the beginning of difficult times. A dream in which someone’s apartment is flooded indicates a strained relationship between you and others.

If the water is dirty, or cloudy, you can expect conflicts between family members, if the water is clean – Dreambook predicts success and well-being of the inhabitants of this house.

To clean the apartment (mess in the apartment).

Cleaning the apartment in a dream means the establishment of a family, for women, the dream promises a successful marriage and family life.


A dirty apartment symbolizes small problems in the family. Cleaning a room promises that you will get rid of dissatisfaction and resentment with your spouse.

A dream in which you clean someone’s house means someone’s help in clarifying relations between friends or acquaintances.

Theft in the apartment

The dream speaks of your inner problems (doubt, fear of people, and fear of expressing emotions), and may also mean that you will soon have some admirers ready to offer you a hand and a heart.

The dream can also mean the arrival of unexpected guests. In the business world, the dream is a symbol of the appearance of competition.

If in your dream you see someone else’s apartment robbed, the dream symbolizes your negative thoughts and feelings (resentment, jealousy, anger), which you need to get rid of fast before it leads to unpleasant consequences.

If you saw thieves in the apartment, Dreambook suggests that you are insecure about your own strength and abilities.

Apartment fire

A dream in which you saw a fire in an apartment means the emergence of new experiences in love and in life.

For married people, the Dreambook announces the appearance of a lover; for singles – an acquaintance that is likely to end in marriage.


If in a dream you were in a room where there was a fire, you will resist temptation. The dream can also mean burnt feelings.

Renovation, construction work (repairs) in the apartment

The dream means that you are going in the right direction and that your life is improving due to your efforts and work. A dream in which you observe the renovation of your apartment means that an unknown person will help you with small household chores.

A dream in which repairs are carried out in someone’s apartment predicts that you will soon help someone solve everyday problems.

Renovating an old apartment in a dream means that you will receive an interesting offer from an old workplace or a former client will offer you a lucrative contract.

A dream in which you repair something in your apartment foretells a change in your opinion, a renewal of relationships, and a break from a past that is depressing.

Repair signifies a process of some change in family life, the result of which depends on the outcome of the repair.

Room in the apartment

If the room in the dream is bright, and spacious and evokes a sense of calm – the dream signifies success and happiness in business, a promotion at work, an interesting cooperation offer, or a lucrative new contract.

If the apartment and interior are gloomy and dark, and the dream causes anxiety, Dreambook predicts difficulties in solving problems or long and arduous negotiations, it also indicates significant life changes.


If you dream about someone’s room, Dreambook promises marriage or a long romance.

Door to an apartment

An open apartment door announces the arrival of unwanted guests or a readiness to accept new relationships and life experiences. The dream also reveals a desire to start a family or your own business.

If you have a dream in which the door opens by itself – expect unpleasant news. If in a dream you close the door – get rid of boredom, and break off relationships that are unfavorable to you.

Keys to the apartment

A dream in which you saw keys to your apartment means great prospects and opportunities. If you lost the keys it means that some opportunity will be lost, and if you find them – you will gain important information that will help you succeed.

A dream in which the keys are made of gold (or other valuable material) means that friendship (acquaintance) with an influential person will be required to carry out a plan.

Rusted, broken, or dirty keys symbolize the appearance of obstacles to your plans.

Dream meaning: apartment

  • New apartment – changes in your life are coming
  • Apartment where you lived – you miss someone you haven’t seen for a long time
  • Destroyed, old apartment – your difficulties will soon end
  • Apartment in a tenement – pay attention to relationships in the family
  • Apartment in a block of apartments – verify your plans
  • Small apartment – take care of your future
  • Suite – think about yourself, your needs, hobbies, friends
  • Empty apartment (abandoned apartment) – you want to escape from routine and people
  • Someone else’s apartment – you may encounter difficulties in implementing your plans
  • To inherit an apartment (deceased grandmother’s apartment) – solve all problems as fast as possible
  • To look for an apartment for yourself – you want a radical change in your life
  • To view an apartment – you will achieve stability in your relationship
  • To buy an apartment – be careful when signing agreements
  • To sell an apartment – there are plenty of profits and successful investments ahead of you
  • To rent an apartment – there will be changes in your personal life
  • Move – you are starting a new chapter in life
  • Water in the apartment – improve your relationships with others
  • To clean the apartment (mess in the apartment) – your family life is changing
  • Theft in the apartment – competition or unexpected guests will appear
  • Fire in the apartment – a new love will appear
  • Renovation, construction work (repairs) in the apartment – you are going in the right direction
  • Room in the apartment – you will be lucky in business or at work
  • Door to the apartment – unwanted guests will appear
  • Keys to the apartment – great prospects and opportunities ahead of you

Dreambook – mystical dreambook

  • If in a dream you see an apartment or stay in it, it means that soon you will be at someone’s home and feel as comfortable there as at home.
  • When in a dream you find yourself in an apartment where you used to live, it heralds for you to receive some happy, cheerful news.
  • A strange apartment appearing in your dream is a sign that things will soon start to go wrong in your home, and most likely this situation will last for a long time.
  • An abandoned apartment foreshadows that you will soon have many significant expenses that will seriously strain your budget.
  • A first-floor apartment heralds a carefree life for you.
  • A large apartment heralds the acquisition of considerable wealth for you.
  • A cramped apartment heralds that for some reason you will not fulfill your plans.
  • A nice apartment is a sign that you will be able to achieve a lot, and you will owe it all to your wisdom.
  • A destroyed apartment heralds the illness of one of the people close to you.
  • When you dream that you are looking at an apartment, it foretells that important changes will soon take place in your life.
  • Buying an apartment foretells that your friends will leave you.
  • Renting an apartment is a sign that your situation will soon change for the better.
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