If you dream that you are performing breathtaking acrobatics on the trapeze, it means that you have a desire to take a risk in some endeavor and want to prove to others that you have great skills, show them very spectacularly.

Dream meaning acrobat

You want to enjoy the admiration of others and shine in front of them. It can also mean that you are looking for applause and confirmation of skills that you are not sure of yourself and you need to prove yourself in this way, even if you had to pay dearly for it.


If other acrobats appear in your dream and perform tricks, it could be a warning of impending evil or misfortune, as well as a trick that you will not succeed.

It can also mean that you are moving in unfamiliar circumstances and on unfamiliar terrain where you do not feel confident. However, acrobats can also indicate your desire to excel and have a sense of confidence.

If in your dream your acrobat partner did not support you or you did not reach the trapeze, it may mean that you misunderstand the situation you are in. For 7 days after such a dream you should not decide to go on any trip, as you may be in danger.

Meaning of the dream AKROBATA in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Arabic Dreambook: Acrobat

If you see an acrobat in your dream, it means that your actions are in danger and you must act quickly before it is too late.

Mystic Dreambook Acrobat

When you see an acrobat in your dream, it is a sign that you should try to clarify all doubts about your dangerous plans in real time.


When you see an acrobat doing tricks, it means that you need to be very careful and you should not make further trips or important decisions, but postpone it for a later time.

If you are an acrobat in your dream, it foretells that you will become the object of derision of your opponents.

If a woman dreams that she sees acrobats, it means that her relationships are threatened or she is worried about her professional life.

When acrobats appear in a young woman’s dream, it foreshadows her getting married.

Dream about Acrobat

Acrobats appearing in a dream signify a propensity for risky behavior and a desire to be independent.

A dream about an acrobat making a mistake during a performance foretells losses in the business you are running.

If a young woman dreams about acrobats in action, it foreshadows interest from men who will not have serious intentions towards her. A dream about acrobats in action suggests that the dreamer is subject to misunderstandings and embarrassment due to unfounded fears of others, who exert a negative influence on her.

Living in harmony with one’s inner self always works out for the best, as we go after those of the experiences we need most to understand the nature of the world around us and ourselves in it.


An acrobat embodies the relationship you have with other people. When you walk a tightrope you can fall. If a woman dreams of performing acrobatics, her good name will be discredited by a rumor that will change her life (professional, emotional) to a greater or lesser extent.

The ability to adapt to even the most breakneck situations. One must always think over everything in order to know what one wants, what one desires and what one can do in a given situation. On the other hand, if a young woman dreams of having sex with an acrobat, she is looking for a fleeting adventure, perhaps as a result of disappointments or for some other reason that she does not always understand.

A dream about the perfect performance of wonderful acrobatics indicates that you will be very successful in all matters. Acrobat and acrobatics are a sign of taking some risks in your own actions. Beware. The dream in its symbolism actually means a certain flexibility of our mind.

Life is not a rope, sometimes it is even worse. Which can end badly, but can also end well.

If it is you who performs an unsuccessful acrobatic trick, it means that you feel limited or unable to act due to the constant interference of more or less hidden and duplicitous enemies. The dream about acrobats also reminds you not to neglect your duties and stick to your resolutions to avoid problems in the future.

Meaning of the dream acrobat

Performance of acrobats

means that you need to be very careful and should not take further trips or important decisions, but postpone it to a later time, new information and news, you will encounter obstacles to your existing plans, you will not be able to carry out risky plans, because you will succumb to the fears of people around you.

You are an acrobat


it foretells that you will become an object of derision of your opponents, you will become an object of ridicule of your enemies, unreasonable fears of other people will prevent you from carrying out your plans.

To see acrobats

is a sign that your name will be abused in a malicious and slanderous way, also with your business will happen worse and worse.

Acrobat dancing on a rope

moments of joy among loved ones, a change of job will improve your financial situation, expect joyful events.

You perform acrobatics

your existence will become difficult to bear due to ridicule from enemies.

You are communing with


daily anxieties will prevent you from achieving your goals.

Acrobat dream dictionary

Acrobat – Dream Symbol Interpretation


If one dreams of a breathtaking trapeze act and is himself the star of the manege, one has desire for risky enterprises and would like to prove, finally, own skill – but not secretly and discreetly. Rather one wants to shine to enjoy the admiration of the others. One searches confirmation and applause – even if one must risk for it ‘the neck’. If other than acrobats appear in the dream and her tricks perform, this can be a tip to an oncoming evil or misfortune, above all when the trick fails. Then one moves under circumstances on unknown area. However, acrobats can also indicate own wish for perfection and the feeling of the self-assurance. If one missed the hand of a partner as an acrobat or the hands of the trapezoid slipped, one maybe does not ‘understand’ a situation properly. Up to 7 days after such a dream, no trips should undertake one.



  • see: your activities are completely a danger, consider you on time, before it is too late.

(European ones).:

  • see: by doubt more different one will keep from explaining dangerous plans,
  • see with tricks: is very careful in the next time, – big trips and upcoming important decisions rather shift to a later time,
  • be: Opponents will mock to one,
  • the women who keep for acrobats: Their call is endangered, – business worries,
  • young woman sees acrobats in narrow garment: Man’s favour.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Acrobat

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