Acrobat dream dictionary


Acrobat dream dictionary

Acrobat – Dream Symbol Interpretation


If one dreams of a breathtaking trapeze act and is himself the star of the manege, one has desire for risky enterprises and would like to prove, finally, own skill – but not secretly and discreetly. Rather one wants to shine to enjoy the admiration of the others. One searches confirmation and applause – even if one must risk for it ‘the neck’. If other than acrobats appear in the dream and her tricks perform, this can be a tip to an oncoming evil or misfortune, above all when the trick fails. Then one moves under circumstances on unknown area. However, acrobats can also indicate own wish for perfection and the feeling of the self-assurance. If one missed the hand of a partner as an acrobat or the hands of the trapezoid slipped, one maybe does not ‘understand’ a situation properly. Up to 7 days after such a dream, no trips should undertake one.



  • see: your activities are completely a danger, consider you on time, before it is too late.

(European ones).:

  • see: by doubt more different one will keep from explaining dangerous plans,
  • see with tricks: is very careful in the next time, – big trips and upcoming important decisions rather shift to a later time,
  • be: Opponents will mock to one,
  • the women who keep for acrobats: Their call is endangered, – business worries,
  • young woman sees acrobats in narrow garment: Man’s favour.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Acrobat

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