When the motif of abstinence appears in your dream, it means that you may feel guilt and will want to punish yourself for your behavior, blaming yourself for spoiled relationships with loved ones.

Dream meaning abstinence

When you see an abstainer in your dream, it means that you should rethink your behavior, because it is very possible that you are breaking some socially binding rules.


If in a dream you are one yourself and you refuse to drink alcohol, it’s a sign that you will have a happy period, but you should make the most of it, because it will not be too long.

When in a dream you persuade him to drink alcohol, such a dream foretells that you will frame something in someone. You will eliminate your enemy with white gloves.

A dream about a non-drinking woman signals the resolution of some dispute.

A man refusing to drink alcohol, augurs you a long, dangerous journey.

If in a dream an abstainer pours alcohol, it means that you will allow yourself to be manipulated by a person who seemingly wishes you well. You will fall into a trap set by a schemer.

Meaning of the dream ABSTINENCE in other cultures and Dreambooks:


Mystic Dreambook:

When in a dream you refuse to drink alcohol, it is a sign that your happiness will be short-lived, so you should make the most of it.

When there is a general theme of abstinence in your dream, it augurs you great luck and success in some important matter.

If in your dream you are laughed at by an abstainer, it means that you will be unlucky and suffer some great failure in life.

Dream about abstinence.

A bstinents in a dream signify people who hold firmly to their principles and norms. They also mean that we need to make decisions coldly and not worry about what other people will think.

Pretensions, troubles accompanying us in life are usually temporary matters, try to stay calm, then the little things will not affect you and will simply pass away.

Refusal to consume stimulants of your own free will in your own dream always influence to improve your own life and fate.

Dreams in which we abstain suggest that our willpower is strong. Abstinence is a symbol of guilt and a desire to punish oneself for one’s behavior, which is usually due to improper relations with the immediate environment, getting lost in the surrounding reality or doing something against oneself.

Dreams about abstinence always herald future happiness. It tells us that we are still in too much of a hurry and should slow down, if only to look at all things coolly from a certain distance.


So, if in your dream you publicly refuse to drink alcohol thus showing that you are a teetotaller, it is a symbolic sign that the internal struggle you have undertaken against your own shadow is at its peak, there is still a lot of hardship ahead of you before you can trumpet success, refusing to take a luxurious liquor we like is more difficult than a licentious liquor, it requires more effort from us and symbolically indicates a harder internal struggle.

It can also mean that we are drawing attention to ourselves in order to gain value in the eyes of others. Perhaps our body needs some respite and rest.

In this context, laughing at a person struggling with his problems always brings bad luck. The essence of the dream very often, through such symbolism, reveals to us that the current life complications that afflict us are the result of a period of our hyperactivity or haste in making decisions and taking action. If during the dream the dreaming person fasts or abstains from food, drink or temptation himself, it is usually a warning that overconfidence will lead to problems.

If abstinence manifests itself in celibacy, it means that in real life we are somewhat shy, not only with the opposite sex, but also in other aspects of our lives.

The symbolism itself is not specifically related to alcohol and can refer to any of our disabilities. A dream about fasting to demonstrate our point of view or strike is a sign that we want to make our views known on certain issues, but can’t find a way to do it.

It takes a little more risk in professional life to get what we want. Abstinence in a dream indicates the need to realize that it should be preserved in some situation, issue or problems you are currently experiencing in your waking life.

A dream about abstinence symbolizes negative behaviors and thoughts that you are trying to free yourself from. Dreams in which we offer wine or another alcoholic beverage to a person who is abstinent are a sign that we tend to negatively influence the people around us by trying to get our friends or family to adopt our lifestyle.

However, if the abstinence is caused by a precarious situation rather than willpower, it is a harbinger of good opportunities and progress. A dream about abstaining from voting in an election means that we are not satisfied with the opportunities in our lives.


If someone else abstains from voting, it is a sign that we will not have the support of a friend or family member in a crisis situation. Perhaps we need to analyze our own behavior more closely. The dream may be a warning for us to limit ourselves over leading a life of exhausting lifestyle.

Meaning of the dream abstinence

Refusal of the proposed alcohol

this is quite a favorable symbol signifying strength of will and the desire to achieve the desired goals, you should only pay attention not to break your resolutions to achieve success.

To see an abstainer

rethink your actions, you may be breaking some rules, you need to rethink your behavior, small changes in behavior will cause big changes in our lives.

Be an abstainer

if someone offers you alcohol and you refuse, it means approaching happiness, which, however, will last a short time.


big luck in an important matter.

Laughing at an abstainer

brings bad luck and failure.

To persuade an abstainer

bad luck at work.

Abstinence dream interpretation

Abstinence – Dream symbol interpretation

To dream of abstaining can mean you are holding yourself back in life. Are you abstaining out of guilt, or are you practicing self-discipline? You may be missing out when you deserve to be enjoying. If you are abstaining to develop self-discipline, the dream reflects this.


There may be someone in your life that you would like more involvement with. You may feel this relationship is out of your power, but it is more likely that you are making a choice to abstain out of guilt, fear, or the unconscious knowledge that it is not right for you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Abstinence

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