Adventure dream dictionary


Adventure dream dictionary

Adventure – Dream Symbol Interpretation

In the life something can suddenly change. Ordinarily it points to an idiom to the good. If one experiences in the dream an adventure, this one Widerspiegelung of the lately really adventurously become life can be. Besides, the mood and experienced emotions in the dream are especially informative. A general feeling of danger in the dream can be interpreted as a warning. Completely alone in the jungle, behind a wild animal, before a climber – far and wide no one, no way out? A nightmare! Have you overdone it, have overexerted yourselves (financially, healthwise)? The oversubscribed pictures of danger and the menacing sphere want to make deliberate that one has outbidded his possibilities and has taken in the real life presumably a big risk. Has one enjoyed the danger, besides? Who dreams against it of an erotic adventure with a foreign person, has in the real life rather a lack of challenges: mostly only one tip to uninviting, restricted and dull routine in the everyday life or dear life. Edged out wishes for unusual experiences become apparent! Who dreams of adventures, this feeling compensates in the night dream. Pay attention, hence, to the fact which symbolic value your night adventures own and what is moveable of this dream. The adventurer: He circumscribes, even if it should concern, besides, a foreign person, which to handle I of the dreamer and his inclination, with the personal luck surely risquély or to take it in love and marriage with the morality not too exactly.



  • in general: Insecurity about the surroundings, inclination to risqué enterprises and not flawless people,
  • experience: watch out for bad people, there is the danger to be deceived, – also: it is in the time to make plans in the long term.


  • with this symbol comes it not on what the dreaming person experiences in the adventure, but what she feels with the experience of the adventure: An experience which wakes up the same feelings approaches. If the dreaming is wounded with the adventure, he should be generally careful during the next days. (Man



(European ones).:

  • in general: The destiny will take an astonishing idiom. The more thrilling the adventure, the greater the change.
  • risky adventure experiences: you are in danger or come, – insecurity concerning the surroundings or another person, – or: Inclination to risqué relations with not quite flawless people,
  • experience a nice adventure: it is high time to plan, finally, more in the long term, so that the life becomes more alive again.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Adventure

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