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A dream about an armchair symbolizes peace, rest and relaxation and sometimes also an endless source of pleasure and benefits from modern amenities.

Armchair : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Sleep is a sign that you have reached a position that earns you respect for your surroundings. The armchair in a dream is also an expression of exhaustion from work, after which you should rest for a while and break away from ordinary everyday life. It is also an announcement that you will only achieve respect and recognition if you manage to calm your agitated emotions.

Armchair : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

What does it mean when you dream about Armchair?

  • If you see an armchair in a dream, it is a sign that you will finally stop worrying about your own status and position in life. The people you meet on your way will help you achieve success and change your existing existence for a better one.
  • When you dream that you are buying an armchair, it is an announcement that life stabilization will ensure the respect of your loved ones.
    Sitting in a chair in a dream is a message not to change the decisions already made, but to follow the path that leads the straight path to success.
  • When you fall from your armchair or sit on it uncertainly, then a dream foreshadows unpleasantness, understatement and quarrels.
  • A few armchairs in a dream portend numerous meetings with very nice people. If you try well, you have a chance to meet someone with whom you will spend many pleasant and unforgettable moments.
    If you dream that you are sleeping in an armchair, you must have faith in your goals, because the dream is a sign that you will be inspired by many new things in the future.
  • A broken chair shows that you had a hard time understanding the direction your career is headed, and this will soon change.
  • A stained armchair in a dream may herald a disturbance of the peace in the privacy of a home hearth.
  • Red is a harbinger of a fiery romance or illusory hopes for the future.
  • The black armchair is a bad omen that may herald illness or death.
  • A comfortable armchair in dreams is a harbinger of a peaceful life that your loved ones will provide you, because thanks to their help you will be able to indulge in a blissful rest many times.

A dream about an armchair

A dream about an armchair

A dream about an armchair is a harbinger of a calm and well-ordered life. It is also a symbol of your own security.

A dream chair means the need for comfort, support and stability. It is a natural desire not to disappointments, glooms, sorrows and unexpected situations that will disturb the harmony of our lives.

The armchair can also be read as a signal to undertake more intensive work, which will obviously bring tangible benefits. The armchair’s dream symbolism is also a sense of superiority and domination. While dreaming about an armchair, we dream about becoming someone extraordinary and exceptional.

Perhaps this is evidence of our low self-esteem and a subconscious sense of dependence towards other people.

The dream about the armchair can also be read as an announcement of taking an important and very responsible position, which will entail an influx of new responsibilities.


Armchair dream dictionary
Armchair – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Armchair understands the traditional dream interpretation as a forthcoming chronic illness.


If one sees sitting to himself in the dream in a comfortable armchair, is a matter as a tip of allowing itself more rest and relaxation in the everyday life. If one sees other in it sitting, one can expect to himself in the awake life from his person hardly a lot of auxiliary readiness, so that one should rather count on himself.



  • of The armchairs means office and dignity, further a woman.
  • Dreaming one, he finds a wooden armchair and sits down in, he will get power about mighty men, is of the armchairs of iron, he will marry a distinguished lady, distant power and wealth win, – however, means of the wooden armchairs bigger power and bigger wealth.

Being of the armchairs in which he sits down from foreign kind, he will join with a foreign woman in love. he will gain

  • Being he strange and of wood, a limited in time power away from home according to the duration of the Sitzens.
  • of The wooden armchairs or the throne prophesies 1-man-power, the iron wealth, power and a woman, – everything what attacks to these objects, will come true in these people.
  • see the own: you have longing for rest,
  • see an empty working armchair: there is view of transportation or salary increase,
  • sit in it: you wait in vain, – – the life develops for you very pleasantly,
  • lie in it: Illness,
  • takes: another,

takes away the expected position from you

  • more unsteadily or falls down: Annoyance and quarrel,
  • more torn or dirtier: your family background will find out a disturbance,
  • black: death news will surprise you,
  • more broken: you will experience a misfortune.

(European ones).:

  • relief and domestic cosiness,
  • sleep in one: points to a protracted illness,
  • chief armchairs see: one has good views of a salary increase or transportation in the occupation,
  • see an old one: one spoils by quarrel and annoyance the friends, above all in personal relations.


  • see: Illness,
  • sit in it or lie: protracted illness,
  • clarifies very much in the room have: Wealth,
  • of straw: you are steadfast,
  • weigh themselves in it: fluctuating health,
  • torn and stained: Disturbance of the house peace.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Armchair

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