airplane dream


A dream about airplanes can represent economic success and knowledge. However, it can also be a warning not to give up.

An airplane is a means of transportation that allows you to travel long distances in a short time. Thus, the meaning of the dream about an airplane means that big changes will occur in a short time or that you should make them fast.


The dream about an airplane also means internal changes and overcoming them.

Dreambook airplane


Your circle of friends will expand. Among them will be famous people, which will significantly affect your future. There are big changes ahead of you.

Airplane on the ground

The sight of an airplane on the ground is a warning to you not to give in to the whims of others, to react to what irritates you. You need to control your life and not let other people make decisions for you. Don’t let the opinions of others change your will and goals. Put yourself first.

Airplane takeoff (airplane taking off)

If the airplane in your dream took off, the dream meant financial success and love. Dreambook, however, warns: beware of jealous people.

Soon you will achieve your desires, and you will be successful. Motivate yourself and believe more in your abilities.

Flying plane (to see an airplane in the sky).

Dreambook ensures that your plans are implemented, and you have full control over your life. You are confident. Flying an airplane in a dream also refers to a long-awaited journey. It is a good time in your life, you are happy and satisfied with yourself.


On the other hand, if in real life you are dissatisfied with something that causes a lot of frustration and sadness, look for ways to reorganize your life, changing what you can. Now is the best time to do so.

Airplane flying low

You are standing firmly on the ground to achieve your dreams and goals. You are realistic and think sensibly. Reach for what’s within your reach. Don’t luxuriate in the clouds.

To fly an airplane

If you dream about an airplane journey it is a sign that there will be an improvement in your emotional life.

A dream that you are traveling by airplane means that there will be big changes in your life, thus be open to news and opportunities. Use this moment to learn new things, meet new people, and gain new experiences.

You will be able to handle everything that is to come. Invest in knowledge and don’t worry about anything.

If in your dream you were a pilot of an airplane the meaning of the dream is: make investments for the future, gain knowledge.

Landing of an airplane

A dream about landing an airplane is a sign that some of your professional projects are coming to an end, and with them, you are ending another stage of life. Get ready for a new one.

A dream about an airplane landing also means that you will soon have a journey with your loved ones.


To get off an airplane

The dream means that your main goal in life will come true, thanks to the fact that your family and friends will support you at all stages. Appreciate your loved ones and never forget them.

Falling airplane

You feel that your life is not what you wanted it to be. Your plans are not coming true, everything looks different. Dreambook advises: adjusting your plans to reality and focusing on your goal.

A dream of this kind also indicates that you will soon go through unpleasant moments in your personal or professional life.

Airplane falling into the water

If the airplane falls into the water, you experience moments of great uncertainty in waking life, which makes you question your abilities and choices. You need to take time just for yourself so you can reassess your actions and be more confident.

Airplane falling on the house

The meaning of the dream reveals your concerns about family life or someone close to you. Changes are waiting for you. They don’t have to be bad. Don’t worry yourself to excess. Spend more time with your loved ones.

Crashed airplane

The meaning of the dream announces that you will achieve your goal, although it will cost you a lot of effort. Show determination and you will overcome all obstacles.

Airplane crash

If you saw an airplane crash in your dream, a social advancement awaits you. Being a witness to a plane crash is a sign that you will achieve success at work.

Another dream meaning means that you lack confidence. This dream is a representation of your anxiety and nervousness. Dreambook advises: relax and think positively.


A falling airplane can also refer to plans that are very difficult to implement. Verify them. Look for ways to rest and recuperate your body.

If you dream that you died in a plane crash, Dreambook predicts good health and long life.

Combat airplane (Airplane dropping bombs).

If you saw airplanes dropping bombs in your dream, you are eating bad news.

A dream about a fighter airplane indicates that the next periods of your life will be full of intense challenges and difficulties that will not only tire you out but make you doubt your own abilities. You must not give up.

Downed airplane

A dream about bombing an airplane is a warning that you are returning to the past.

Be careful that these thoughts do not interfere with your current life and future plans.

Burning airplane

Fire is a warning sign, a sign of change. A dream about a burning airplane means that you need to change your routine.

A dream about an exploding airplane also indicates that some of your goals may not be fulfilled. Thus, take advantage of this signal and change your course of action.


Air show

The dream meaning foretells receiving the money you thought was lost. Maybe it’s some outstanding debt, or maybe a payment for work. Make good use of what was recovered.

Airline ticket

Dreambook assures you that solutions and answers to your tormenting questions will suddenly appear, giving you the impetus to act and achieve your goals. The opportunity to make changes is coming, thus get ready for it and act.

Dream meaning: airplane

  • Glider – your circle of friends will expand
  • Airplane on the ground – control your life
  • Airplane takeoff (airplane taking off) – you will be successful, believe more in yourself
  • Flying airplane (to see an airplane in the sky) – you have full control over your life
  • Airplane flying low – don’t luxuriate in the clouds
  • To fly an airplane – big changes are coming, be open to news
  • Landing of an airplane – you are completing another phase of your life
  • To get off an airplane – your family and friends will support you
  • Falling airplane – you think your life is not what you wanted it to be
  • Airplane falling into water – be more confident in yourself
  • An airplane falling on your house – don’t worry about your backup
  • Crashed airplane – show determination and you will overcome difficulties
  • Airplane crash – you will achieve success at work
  • Combat airplane (Airplane dropping bombs) – do not give up
  • Downed airplane – you are unnecessarily returning to the past
  • Burning airplane – you need to change your routine
  • Air show – you will receive money you thought was lost
  • Airplane ticket – an opportunity to make changes is coming

Dreambook mystic – airplane

This symbol announces that you will soon be freed from some problematic issues and experience great relief.

  • If you see an airplane in your dream, it foretells that many interesting events will take place in your life in the coming days.
  • When you dream that you are flying in an airplane, it is a sign that you will suffer harm due to the inability to put into practice some of your ambitious plans.
  • If in your dream you see an airplane falling to the ground in flames and clouds of smoke, it augurs some misfortune for you.
  • A burning airplane without smoke heralds good fortune for you – in general or in some specific matter.
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