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Abundance – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Abundance warns about a loss which will be only low, however.



  • have: you dedicate yourself to delusive hopes, – you must be sparing.


  • a symbol which sends a reminder to the care. Though it is sometimes connected with unexpected profit and, hence, beneficial time, however, in general it points to the coming surfeit and boredom. In general it wants to appeal for the meditation for searching the luck not in luxury and fullness, but in the harmony with the rules of the nature. (Woman

+ / man +)

Dream interpretation and meaning : Abundance

(European ones).:

  • own luxury: promises success in the life, good living and themselves always in the right find,
  • also, – have or enjoy: one will suffer losses.


  • have: you will have a small loss.

Abundance - dream interpretation and meaning
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