Abundance in a dream warns of losses that you will soon suffer, fortunately, they will not be too severe for you.

Dream meaning abundance

When you dream that you have something abundant, it means that you need to be more frugal or indicates that you are indulging in false hopes.


An abundant shape in a person is a sign that you need to take care of someone, heralds unexpected gain and advantage for you, or heralds a period of boredom and excess. It can also mean that you should be more concerned with your spiritual life and not chase luxuries, but live in accordance with the laws of nature.

When you dream that you are enjoying an abundance of goods, it means that you will enjoy success in life and succeed in finding happiness. It can also mean enjoyment, but also incurring some losses.

When in a dream you live beyond your means, the suggestion is that you start saving and control your spending.

Dream about abundance

According to the online Dreambook, Abundance in a dream is a great sign. A dream about abundance heralds to the dreamer prosperity, well-being, success not only in financial but also in personal matters. Abundance in a dream symbolizes the abundance of positive energy, love of cordiality.

Abundance in dreams heralds temporary financial troubles, which fortunately will not significantly affect the quality of life of the dreamer. In a positive context, the symbol heralds great prosperity and success.

If in a dream you see an abundance of goods, it means that in real life you do not count with money, you spend a lot and very often completely unnecessarily. This symbol should be taken as an encouragement to lead a more frugal life. A dream about abundance can also indicate that you are counting on something that will never happen anyway. Don’t give in to illusory hopes. Start thinking rationally and focus on your future.


A dream in which you enjoy the abundance of material goods around you means that you will enjoy great success in real life – perhaps you will finally find happiness by the side of a loved one. It is worth keeping in mind that this symbol can indicate both joy and incurring some losses – especially if the dream was negative. In the case of women, it can symbolize emotional immaturity.

When you dream of abundant shapes in a man, it is a good omen, which usually foretells an unexpected gain or win. Sometimes, however, this symbol can indicate the need to take care of someone close to you who just happened to be in need. In its negative aspect, the dream augurs the arrival of boredom, excess and blissful laziness. The dream is also a hint for the dreamer, saying that he should focus more attention on his spiritual development rather than satisfying material needs. Start living in accordance with the laws of nature, and fate will smile on you.

If in a dream you pursue material abundance at all costs, it means that you will suffer great financial losses in the near future.

Abundance dream dictionary

Abundance – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Abundance warns about a loss which will be only low, however.



  • have: you dedicate yourself to delusive hopes, – you must be sparing.


  • a symbol which sends a reminder to the care. Though it is sometimes connected with unexpected profit and, hence, beneficial time, however, in general it points to the coming surfeit and boredom. In general it wants to appeal for the meditation for searching the luck not in luxury and fullness, but in the harmony with the rules of the nature. (Woman

+ / man +)

(European ones).:

  • own luxury: promises success in the life, good living and themselves always in the right find,
  • also, – have or enjoy: one will suffer losses.


  • have: you will have a small loss.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Abundance

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