Age appearing in a dream can indicate the different stages we go through in our lives. In some situations, the dream may reflect a desire to rejuvenate ourselves or, on the contrary, a desire to become a more mature person.

Age dream dictionary
Age – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Age dream meaning

  • to be in a dream older than in reality – the dream is a warning of various health ailments
  • if in a dream you are younger than in reality – dark clouds will gather under your roof; the dream is a harbinger of numerous disputes and insinuations that will make your daily life difficult
  • school age – you will return to the unpleasant events of your childhood days
  • old age – you will become a witness to an event that will reveal hitherto unknown secrets to you.
  • Pay attention in a dream to your – nagging illness and unrealized material needs….
  • To dream about your age – temporary problems and futile effort….
  • To look older than on waking – failure in work and ventures….
  • For a young girl – loss of a beloved and intrigues of a rival….

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Age

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