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Ammunition in dreams is a warning of great danger. Soon you will use all your power just to protect someone or to find out about something.

Alternatively, the dream proves that you will attempt to confront destructive forces.

  • sight of ammunition – is a sign that very big and inevitable changes are coming in your life
  • use of ammunition – means that in the near future you can expect an increase in all kinds of conflicts
  • production of ammunition – is a warning against illegal activities or entering into close relationships with people you do not know well
  • if someone uses ammunition against you – remember that you do not need to act immediately in a certain matter, it is best to wait for events to develop
  • army with ammunition – this is a sign that you will do best if you keep a proper distance from someone, giving in to emotions can only doom you now
  • large amounts of ammunition – are a warning of great confusion in life
  • ammunition buried in the ground – this is a sign that you will have to explain your conduct to someone
  • if you find ammunition – then due to some misunderstanding you will find yourself in the wrong place and time
  • stockpile of ammunition – in difficult moments you will show your readiness to take immediate action, you will certainly make a great impression on your charges
  • buying ammunition – heralds numerous moments of weakness in your life
  • if someone gives you ammunition – remember that you don’t have to agree to everything other people offer you, assertiveness will now be your key to success
  • stolen ammunition – heralds that you will stick a stick into an anthill between two enemies and completely unnecessarily get involved in a conflict that will not directly affect you
  • child with ammunition – heralds that in the near future will count above all keeping your nerves in check, strength and decisiveness.
ammunition dream symbol

Other meaning

Ammunition dream

Gathering a supply of ammunition means the revival of business and improvement of the financial situation.

If in a dream our ammunition fails, it will herald difficulties and unforeseen events that will come our way and delay the implementation of our projects.

Ammunition means that you will get a new job that will make you raise your standard of living. To shoot you have to have ammunition.

A dream that we have a lot of ammunition is a sign that we feel ready to face the difficulties that arise, whether on a professional level or defending ourselves against enemies.

If you run out of ammunition in your dream, it foreshadows futile efforts for you.

If in a dream you run out of ammunition, it is a sign that you will be affected indirectly by some problem, but despite having the necessary abilities to face the problem, you will not have the power to deal with it.


Dreams about stockpiling ammunition are often an invitation to be ready, because a certain situation, the solution of which we have foreseen for a further period of time, may worsen and require an immediate solution.

Dreams in which we see ammunition or bullets symbolize the possibility of finding a way out of a difficult situation.

In Dreambook, when you dream that you are checking for ammunition, it is a signal that you can achieve a lot, but only if you plan your actions very prudently. You use your power to persuade or protect someone. Things are different in our dreams when the ammunition is dirty, scattered, inoperative or already used up, it indicates problems and troubles in male-female affairs.

Ammunition in dream reality is a symbol of male charging and readiness for the sexual act. The symbol signifies latent, withheld aggression. This dream means that opportunities to overcome adversity will be presented. Therefore, if we dream a lot of shiny cartridges it is a sign that all your fears in this area are groundless, and you will amaze yourself.

A dream about counting ammunition is a sign that we are cautious, but sometimes we overdo it because we worry more than we should. It’s also a drive to have something to spare. When we lack it, the hidden drugs and emotions of the male ego make themselves known.

In the Arabic Dreambook, this motif foretells that you will forget the most important thing in a hurry. For a woman, ammunition means a lover who will meet her expectations.


Meaning of the dream ammunition

An abundance of ammunition

you will get a new job that will bear fruit, a boost in business and work.


Lack of ammunition

your efforts will not bear fruit, Sisyphean work.

To buy ammunition

means being held accountable.

New ammunition

work that will bring huge profits.

Collecting ammunition

Ammunition dream dictionary
Ammunition – Dream Symbol Interpretation

doing some things to stock up.


To lose ammunition

quarrel with a partner or partner.

To shoot ammunition

striving for success.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ammunition

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