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The avocado in dreams is a symbol of increased energy and improved well-being. Sometimes it also improves the financial situation. It is possible that you will get a bonus, change jobs or find an additional source of income.

Dream meaning avocado

Avocado is a sign of financial success and promotion. Dream prompts you to change your diet and choose foods that are natural and benefit your body. In some matters of your health and life, it is better to stay one step away from yourself and look at yourself from the side so as not to leave room for error.


In our dreams, avocados are a symbol of health, beauty and youth. Avocados are a source of many vitamins that mobilize our body to regenerate itself.

Avocados in our dreams indicate an increase in energy and willingness to act. Avocados in a dream portend an improvement in your material situation, perhaps you will change your job for a better job or make investments that will bring you substantial profits.

Such a dream is significant as long as there are health problems in your life.

Dream dictionary avocado

Pick an avocado

The announcement of success and rewards for the efforts made, even if it seems unlikely at the moment, symbolizes a change in marital status, a change of job or a promotion.

Eat avocados

only with common sense and patience you will be able to implement your plans, a definite improvement in finances, social successes and universal respect.

Buy an avocado

sleep should be treated as a warning against people who want to take away the fruits of our work, profitable investments.


Peel the avocado

the dream suggests that you think carefully about your decisions.

Unripe avocados

everything you engage in you do neglectfully.

Rotten avocado

a streak of disappointments and failures await you.

Avocados on the tree

your financial situation will improve.


What Dream About Avocado Means

Seeing an avocado or holding one in a dream suggests that you are holding back from increasing your prosperity.

dream avokado

Avocados are a rich source of nutrients, however seeing the whole fruit indicates that there is something holding you back from gaining more good fortunes.

A halved avocado would indicate that you are taking the right steps towards prosperity although you are not quite there yet. You have doubts which may continue holding you back if you let them.

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