Height in a dream represents a call for self-development and hard work.

  • To ascend to a height – you will be put to the test of life
  • be at a height – you will anticipate someone in his actions
  • work at heights – with your own efforts you will achieve what you intend to do
  • have a fear of heights – you lack decisiveness in life, you are uncertain of your judgments and the decisions you make
  • fall from a height – your intrusions will start to bother someone
  • meditate at heights – new experiences will change your life.

Drem about Altitude

When you dream of an object falling from a height, it is a sign that on waking you are threatened by some danger, but you may be able to protect yourself from it or it will pass you by itself.


When you dream that you are at a great height, it foreshadows that you will be able to make a fast career.

If in a dream you fall from a height, it heralds the failure of some plan of yours.

Altitude dream dictionary

Altitude – Dream Symbol Interpretation


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Altitude

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