Abortion dream interpretation


Abortion dream interpretation

Abortion – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Cannot feed loss of the new,-. Question: – Which part of myself do I hold for too weakly to survive?


An abortion is an exclusion, separation and change in the farthest sense. With pleasant dream sensation it means a releasing solution of a person, thing or opinion. If the dream events are looked anxiously or frightened, are regretted or condemned, then means the dream, unintentional discussions and separation or also difficulties with itself, with views and qualities which one would like to change with pleasure. Besides, it can concern, for example, a need, a feeling or a religious position with which difficulties are associated. A taken risk has not produced the expected result, and now the return to the starting point stands in a queue. Maybe the dreaming has internalised a new mental manner or being manner which he must reject in case of closer consideration, nevertheless. The dreaming should get clarity about that to which kind of the action or being he has committed himself. A decision is required on the fact which elements are not needed any more.



Spiritual contemplation says the dreaming that he must give up a before maintained draught.



  • carry off dough: a party stands before the door,
  • carry off a child: your thoughts go wrong ways, you will thereby have heavy grief.

(European ones).:

  • A warning, the health or the happy being of your husband concerning. Check both.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Abortion

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