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It seems that a dream about adultery or bigamy only happens to people who are sexually and emotionally dissatisfied with the relationship they are in on waking.

Indeed, such a dream can mean that you want to change something in your relationship, but it can also refer to problems in your professional life and foretell that changes will be necessary in this sphere.


Dream meaning Adultery

Such a dream can also be an expression of your secret anger and fear. The atmosphere of the dream is important, because it is of great importance for its interpretation.

Such a dream can make you feel a lot of guilt even on waking, but don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel like betraying a loved one, but can only signal problems.

Such a dream may be intended to show you how you would feel if adultery actually took place, and is designed to help you sort out your feelings and thoughts.

For example, if you see in your dream that infidelity has destroyed your relationship, this is a sign for you not to interfere too much in matters that may be painful for you and your loved one.

Meaning of the dream CUDE in other cultures and Dreambooks:


Mystic Dreambook:

If adultery brings disgrace and shame into your life, it can mean that you feel like betraying your loved one, or you feel remorse because you know that your affection for her has faded.

When you feel guilt about committing adultery, it signifies your longing.

If you feel temptation to commit adultery in your dream, it means that you lead a virtuous life and will be rewarded because you will be successful.

This motif in the dream of people who have committed adultery on waking means that they are aware of their action against the law and custom.

In the dream of women who have committed adultery, this motif signals that they will not succeed in happiness, as they have hurt a loved one.

Arabic Dreambook:

When you dream that you have committed adultery, it is a warning to you that you may lose everything you own as a result of a fire, perhaps metaphorical.

Dream about adultery

Adultery in a dream warns against emotional involvement with a person who is already involved with someone. Such an arrangement will not bring anything good except grief and tears.

The meanings, to which the symbol dreams, may be allegorical, not related to personal life. If in your dream you restrained yourself from temptation, the witch Medea promises to fulfill your desires, which is problematic in the case of betrayal that took place. When she deceives you, in reality someone is taking advantage of your goodwill for selfish purposes. In the meaning of esoteric Dreambook online the act of a friend or relative considered treason. In the meaning of the esoteric dream you will see that the act of a friend or relative is treason.


Taking into account some of the details of the dream, the dreamer Enigma calls betrayal a good sign. It is a signal that it is time to move to a new level of relationships: lovers are to think about marriage, marriage – about heirs. It is not unreasonable to reconsider your own behavior. If you dreamed of adultery in retaliation, real injuries will come to nothing.

According to Dreambook online, the dreamer’s relationship with her betrothed’s friend signifies injustice. Seducing a stranger foreshadows divorce. In the interpretation of Muslims, the symbol signifies an invasion of privacy. When a priest seduces a bride during a wedding, the Islamic dreamer indicates a fatal mistake.

Adultery dream dictionary
Adultery – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Freud, an expert on human souls, believes that there is no smoke without fire: infidelity in a dream is an intention in reality. If the other half is to blame, Sigmund Freud suggests developing confidence in their attraction. The symbol reflects the dreamer’s innermost thoughts.

According to the prediction of Spring Male Dreamers, in male visions of self-deception means the desire for change. Dreambook online is full of enthusiasm, a desire for action. This is not the only posting to which the dream of cheating leads. According to psychoanalysts, the visit of a family man to a prostitute foretells astonishment of others, ridicule.

The Great Book of Dreams interprets the opposite of what you dream to see yourself cuckolded: the relationship with the chosen one will clearly improve. If you saw a woman cheat, she is in a quarrel, you will definitely reconcile. If you saw a woman cheat on you during a fight, you will definitely reconcile.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Adultery

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