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The fast rolling of the axis indicates the fast way of your life. The axis in a dream also often shows the cyclicality and constant order of things.

Dream Meaning Axle

When a smoothly rotating axle of the wagon appears in a dream, it bodes success to the sleeping person of all sorts and to overcome any obstacle the dreamer encounters on the road.


When in a dream you see a squeaky or broken axle of a cart, it is a sign that you will have to come to terms with failure.

A squeaky wheel axle portends material losses and business stagnation.

On the other hand, when it turns calmly, it portends progress on a difficult matter.

When we see a timeline in a dream, it is a sign that we will rethink our life and move on to summaries, but isn’t it too early? Looking back and going forward, we can stumble, and we wouldn’t want to do that.

dream axle

The number line seen in a dream means that you will have a very materialistic outlook on life. You will convert everything into money and make simple profit and loss accounts.

Islam dream interpretation Axle

  • If you see an axis in a dream, it portends you some kind of change or journey.
  • The axis of the machine is a signal to be more organized.
  • The axis of the carriage promises you success and overcoming obstacles.
  • A smoothly operating axis is an announcement of the progress of a matter that has so far been inhibited.
  • Breaking the axle is a sign that your goal will not be fulfilled or that a good business will be ruined.
  • A squeaking axle indicates that something has been damaged or locked.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Axle

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