Address dream dictionary


Address dream dictionary

Address – Dream Symbol Interpretation


Certain matters in the present require attention – maybe the topical life-style of the dreaming. A known address, can point to a place of the security. However, an old address points to the fact that the dreaming must maybe hold retrospect and think about old behaviour patterns and settings. To address something, as for example a letter or a package, the investigation of action possibilities can mean. Something tells to address to a group to be aware of that that one must inform of his knowledge others. If one searches in the dream the post for letters with own address, it could concern around a little bit more than a ‘healthy serving of egoism’. The greater the letters of own name, the more emphatically one realises his self-centredness. Who repeats the address of the partner dreams (on name plates, calling cards, in the phone book etc.) often longs to divide this: a marriage wish!


Our spiritual native country has got an identity.



(European ones).:

  • write an address (in general): pay attention to your financial matters and do not get involved in risky speculations,
  • on an envelope write: one will move.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Address

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