This motif means that certain things at the moment need your attention, perhaps in terms of your lifestyle or where you live.

Dream meaning address

  • A familiar address can indicate a place where you can protect yourself from something.
  • An old address indicates that you are still thinking according to old patterns, making it impossible for you to move forward.
  • If you address a letter or package, it foreshadows new opportunities for you to act.
  • If you see letters with your own address in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious to be a little more self-centered and show a dose of healthy selfishness.
  • Your address in capital letters means that you realize your destiny.
  • When you see your partner’s address over and over again, it means that you desire to enter into marriage with him.
  • When you read someone’s address in a dream, it is a sign that you will have to reckon with losses.
  • A dream about addressing an envelope signals that you will soon receive an important message.
  • When you look through addresses in a dream, it is a sign that your family or circle of friends will soon expand.
  • If in a dream you are looking for an address, it tells you that you will waste your time on unimportant matters.
  • When you see a placard with an address in your dream, it means that someone has been waiting for a message from you for a long time. You should get in touch with him or her.
  • A dream about writing down your address tells you a lot of responsibilities and important meetings.
  • If you write down your address, it means that you will go crazy about someone, it is possible that you will start a romance with someone.
  • When in a dream you forget your own address, it means that you do not accept yourself or your life.
  • When in a dream you get clues about someone’s address, it’s a sign that someone wants to get to know you better, because they felt affection for you.
  • A dream in which you ask for an address foretells you of life changes that will be beneficial. You will find a way out of a difficult situation.
  • If in a dream you lose someone’s address, it is a sign that you will lose contact with a certain person. It foretells you of broken ties.

Dream about address

When you dream that you write down your own address somewhere, it is most likely a warning that you should keep a better eye on your financial affairs.


It can also be a warning that you should not get involved in any precarious business that involves serious risks, as you could lose a great deal on it, and this is probably exactly what will happen if you decide to take part in this venture nonetheless.

When you read an address in a dream, it means inevitable damage, and if you address a letter, it heralds the receipt of some auspicious news, not necessarily, of course, by mail, which you have been waiting for a long time and which will initiate positive changes.

If, on the other hand, you are looking through an address book or some such index, it means that you are about to make new friends, or your family is about to be enlarged through some kind of marriage or the birth of an offspring, with that person proving to be important in your life in some way.

Looking for some address foretells that you will spend a significant amount of time on some futile activity, wasting only your energy. On the other hand, when you see a placard or a business card with an address in your dream, you can read this as a symbol of some person waiting for a signal from you. Consider then whether you promised someone that you would get back to them and did not keep your promise, for perhaps someone has been waiting for a promised message for a long time.

Writing down someone’s address heralds a flurry of professional duties and many important meetings, mostly work-related, and giving someone your address is a harbinger of great passion, usually romance, but not necessarily – it can also mean some new passion or hobby. When in a dream you suddenly realize that you can’t remember your own address and are thus unable to get home, it reflects your subconscious lack of self-acceptance or the lifestyle you lead. Consider then what you would like to change about yourself or your life to feel more satisfied.

Receiving someone’s address from someone else means that some person wants to get to know you better, because they felt fondness for you or they liked you. Asking for an address is a symbol of serious but favorable life changes, and you losing someone’s address means that you have broken contact with a person.

Address dream dictionary
Address – Dream Symbol Interpretation


Certain matters in the present require attention – maybe the topical life-style of the dreaming. A known address, can point to a place of the security. However, an old address points to the fact that the dreaming must maybe hold retrospect and think about old behaviour patterns and settings. To address something, as for example a letter or a package, the investigation of action possibilities can mean. Something tells to address to a group to be aware of that that one must inform of his knowledge others. If one searches in the dream the post for letters with own address, it could concern around a little bit more than a ‘healthy serving of egoism’. The greater the letters of own name, the more emphatically one realises his self-centredness. Who repeats the address of the partner dreams (on name plates, calling cards, in the phone book etc.) often longs to divide this: a marriage wish!


Our spiritual native country has got an identity.


(European ones).:

  • write an address (in general): pay attention to your financial matters and do not get involved in risky speculations,
  • on an envelope write: one will move.

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