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A dream of a quarrel is evidence of hidden regrets and resentments that we hide to other people. It can also mean an obstacle that we will soon face in life.

Perhaps you have difficulty expressing your negative feelings or are afraid to tell someone what you really feel to someone’s face.


Argue : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

  • to see – you will make peace with your enemy
  • to hear someone else argue – this is not a good time to plan for the future or make important decisions in your life
  • argue with a stranger – disturbed social relationships will make you sad
  • argue with others – improve relations with the environment
  • to argue with your family – you have a strong relationship with the person you dream about
  • marital quarrel – you will give others a testimony of a successful relationship
  • with your father – a dream reflects your shaky relationship with your father
  • with mom – you should cut the umbilical cord and start relying on your own strength
  • with your sister – your bad mood will make you start conflicts and quarrels for trivial reasons
  • with your daughter – depression will make you no longer feel satisfied with your successes
  • with your mother-in-law – testifies to your shaky self-esteem
  • with friends – you will suffer material losses
  • between lovers – it bodes happiness in marriage
  • to argue with someone who is morbidly jealous of you – such a dream portends misfortune
  • a quarrel in a trivial matter – someone will unfairly judge you, which will make you feel aggrieved
  • argue with an expert in some field – due to the deterioration of your financial situation, you will not use your full potential in a certain matter.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Argue

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