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All sorts of gains and advantages that appear in dreams mean the same thing in everyday life.

So if you dream about benefits, it means that you will gain an advantage over your rivals and overtake them on the way to promotion or success.


Dream meaning advantages

If in a dream you lose previously obtained privileges, it is a sign that you will be seriously disappointed in someone you trusted.

When in a dream you have some benefits, it means that you will take advantage of a person.

If in a dream you unexpectedly win, receive or gain a fortune, it may mean that someone will try to cheat you.

A dream about marginal gains signals that your success is already close, you just need to try a little harder.

advantage dream symbol

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Advantage – Dream Symbol Interpretation
  • A dream about making profits foretells that you will strive hard for independence.
  • If in a dream you are not satisfied with your gain, it is a sign that you are facing some disappointment.

Dream about advantages

Looking for profit for yourself in a dream or such a dream experience in which everything you do is aimed at making profit only for you is a bad sign that will bring disgrace on your head, lack of social acceptance of your surroundings.


So if you dream about an extremely profitable business or other lucrative profit gained by dishonest means, then seriously consider every step in business because you are already under the fire of someone who is looking for a hook on you in order to, with irrefutable evidence, lead your actions to disaster and you to ruin and prison.

However, every dream has two faces if even someone gets rich at someone else’s expense but what he has gained in a dishonest way in the least will give to someone poor then for a while he will put away the specter of the sword from above his head…..


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