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Athletics – Dream Symbol Interpretation

The different disciplines that make up athletics have their own meanings in dreams.

They are often related to the way we compete in our working life.


The dream of competing in a race should be seen as a symbol of energy management, while the high jump means pursuing a goal and being able to stand out.

This leap also reflects our ability to analyze the processes that will lead to these goals, as well as our patience and planning skills.

Pole vault shows the need to have a solid foothold on which to base new relationships that can be beneficial to our plans.

Sports in which we throw objects such as a javelin, hammer or disc symbolize the way we achieve our goals.

They can be interpreted as opportunism and the ability to use influential people who can help us in our ascent. If we dream that another person is an athlete, we will receive a business cooperation offer, but we must devote the necessary amount of time to it and investigate all the possibilities.

It is not advisable to accept it immediately as we may get ourselves involved in legal problems.


Dreams of being a sports coach symbolize the desire to help people around us.

They also say that we have the support of friends and family members who encourage us not to waste our talent and gain the recognition we deserve.



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Dream interpretation and meaning : Athletics

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