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In general:

Dreams of the wine mean – if it does not concern going back small dream – always the meeting with spiritually mental contents around one to a pub history. The dream knows no alcohol question. If the dreamer is threatened in the life by his immoderation, the soul will find the right picture for the danger in which he, a cultural asset abusing, stands. However, it never is of our Erfahrens a wine dream which announces this to him. As a cultural asset, as a very high value the soul experiences the wine, this profound event so of many factors, like favorable climate, sunny situation, healthy and much-weight-bearing Rebstöcke, sweat and tiredness of the Rebbauern in the spring and autumn, sweet fruits of the grapes, right treatment of the grape must, conversion in the fermentation process, the careful storage in the dark coolness – this whole way is a way to a cultural drink. Yes, it is with the grain and the horticulture their highest sign. The religious experience has raised the wine to the simile of divine blood. In the wine is the exciting, is the strength of the mind which overcomes the earth gravity which inspires imagination. In his sign quiet community and bacchanal broad desire and the deepest arrangement intermediatory seriousness of the sacred stand in the Communion. Where in the dream a Rebgelände is founded to the slopes of the dreamscape where grapes in the trellis hangen or the dreamer been given – ‘I am the vine, you are the shoots’ – where golden and dark red wine shines in the goblet of the dream, there is positive and important life. The wine miracle is from the soul seen a divine life miracle of the change of earth-like vegetative being to the inspiring mind.



Wine can be a symbol for a happy occasion in dreams. He influences the consciousness and the perception. Hence, a wine cellar stands possibly for the totality of the present good like bad experiences. If the wine in the dream action plays a role, this is a sign for joy of life and vitality, as well as for imagination, wealth of thoughts and sensory joys of the dreaming. Every now and then a wine bottle is understood in her intoxicating quality as a phallic symbol or as a symbol of the masculinity. In the dream wine drink meant a meeting with spiritual-mental contents, – one will experience of positive, maybe the miracle of the love. Who is intoxicated by the wine, increase in material should be able to work out itself, – who buries him, bad luck quite simply has in the awake life and will have to pay a bill without having had something from the paid-up. Who make clear in the dream, pours out so pure wine, the truth must know in the awake life, even if for him is still difficult in such a way. As a symbol for the ‘juice of the life’ wine refers to the ability to use experiences so optimally as possible and to enjoy this what gives pleasure and creates cheerfulness. The wineglass can be felt as a picture for the cheerfulness or also for the pregnancy. If it has broken in the dream, this means either grief or, in the dream of a woman, a miscarriage. The red wine is looked as a symbol of the blood. The white wine is looked as a symbol of the clarity.


Wine can mean on spiritual level fullness or the admission of spiritual strength.


To drink wine in modest litre of beer from not too big mugs and not to become intoxicated is good. Here suitably one can state the remark of the Sokrat’s schoolboy Xenophon: ‘The wine schläfert the worries like the mandrake the people, the cheerfulness wakes up he as well as the oil the flame.’ (Xenophon: Therefore, the banquet 2.24) is favorable it to drink in the dream moderately and little wine, because rich and immoderate pleasure causes to all without difference a lot of evil. Here is valid the word of the Theognis: ‘Extremely drunk wine looks bad, however, one drinks rationally, he looks not bad, but on the contrary good indeed.’ (Teognis: Aphorism collection, verse 211-12). Not only this a lot of wine drinking is from evil, but also to be a lot of boozer in the society. Since always the carelessness from which division originates the mother of the war follows the drunkenness. The drinking of mead, honey-sweet quince wine, myrtle wine and every kind of artificially prepared wine is for empires because of the Schwelgens and Prassens a good, for arms a bad portent, – then the latter reach only to such drinks if illness forces them to it.



  • Everything what the people drink and what walks in her belly indicates profit, – what is intoxicating, means power.
  • Dreaming one, he drinks, but about the thirst, he will not weaken his power and hide, – however, he gets drunk, he will be raised by his prince, provided that he is drunk a lot.
  • Dreaming one, he drinks water from the Nile and becomes drunken of it, he will get of a big benefactor or from the ruler power, – he has not become drunken, he will attain from the called according to the amount, which he drunk, profit without power.
  • real joy and goodwill will be given

  • Drinking he Nile water with sugar, him of the mentioned people.
  • he will attain

  • prepared one with Nile water wine to the drinking, according to the used ingredients from mighty men with talent and mind favour.
  • Dreaming somebody, he leads water from the Nile in small quantity in his house, will run towards him of a powerful figure or from the ruler suitable wealth, and not only to him, but also his gender.
  • he will attain

  • Drinking of a wine from a Kleopatrakaraffe, with a Mrs. Vermögen and power according to the beauty of the vessel.
  • Being to one of the drinking become bad and he has got an enteritis, he will lose his wealth of no avail ones.
  • blowing up

  • Having he to himself from the wine pleasure, he will have to the inflation according to money galore.
  • he will dish up

  • prepared one an artificial wine to the drinking, to the prince lies to make a good deal, – he drinks of the wine, he will bring his plan not without strain, he does not drink, will stamp in the opposite.
  • Dreaming somebody, he covets and please another around a drink and also gets him, he will escape with his help of the poverty, provided that the drink has not been warm, – however, he is warm, he will get to hear instead of help only empty excuses from him.
  • Drinking one from a vessel of water which a known dead presents to him becomes he, he is who wants he, soon die, – he drinks of his hand mixed wine, becomes him a heavy illness dahinraffen.
  • The drinking of sour wine means neither wealth nor power, but bitterness and misery according to his acid.
  • Drinking one an artificially prepared drink, he will work through, same is disgusting like the drink, bitter hours.
  • Dreaming one, he drinks fruit wine, he will talk himself into the delusive power which is of no use.
  • drink and feel intoxicated: you will excite by your manner public nuisance,
  • to red ones see or drink: you are always in a good mood, – happy dear days,
  • to white ones: you will attain satisfaction, – also: glad company with friends,
  • more crossly: one takes no more pleasure in the loud sociability and would like to be rather alone,
  • pour out: your worries will pass,
  • bury: you will forfeit your luck, – also: is more careful in your behaviour and in your speeches, – also: Illness,
  • hard cider: modest joys.


  • Several possibilities offer: If one dreams of the unclouded pleasure of a glass of wine, this balance and satisfaction promises. If one dreams of being got drunk by the wine, something is at hand presently which still looks harmless, however, will develop fast so joylessly that one soon regrets having undertaken betimes nothing against it. If one sees wine-drunken in the dream other, the opportunity is favorable to realise a long-preserved plan. (Child)

(European ones).:

  • a change or stimulation of the mind starts, – is from good premeaning,
  • wine pleasure: if is a herald of pleasure and loyal friends,
  • see or drink if he is tasty or sweet: one will get to know a person about whom one is enthusiastic, – he is sour: the enthusiasm for a not yet personally known person will fast dwindle while getting to know,
  • sour wine drink: now one cannot endure the loud society of some people, – one wants to enjoy his rest alone,
  • bury: indicates at a reprehension, – one should not tear open his mouth so far,
  • become intoxicated with it: you will acquire to you the esteem of a high-powered person,
  • fill wine of a vessel in another: if Li> stands for varying pleasure and trips to too many famous sites,
  • act with it: the engagement in the occupation will be worthwhile for one,
  • see blossoming wine: a good health,
  • dead wine plants: an important business will not succeed,
  • toxic wines: one will become the victim of a skilful plan and endanger the health,
  • for a young woman is the pleasure of wine a sign for the fact that she will find a well-to-do and at the same time honourable man.


  • Dreaming one, he drinks unmixed or with water mixed wine, he will win so much money and power, how he wine drunk.
  • getting drunk

  • Having he to himself in the wine, he will win on wrongful Wise money and, according to the drunkenness, a higher position, – he has drunk no wine, anyhow has got, however, a drunkenness, he will attain power, melt away this, however, in Nothing.
  • Seeming it to the emperor, he is drunken, he will make mighty men to himself to subject and be highly made happy because the wine comes delightfully.
  • Seeming it one, he drinks date wine, he will attain from aristocratic wealth, but pay punishment because the wine is preserved with big flame.
  • Drinking of a wine from the sugarcane which one calls Zulapis and becomes intoxicated with it, he will become being capable and mighty because of the fire with effort and strain, – he does not become intoxicated, the dream promises property to him solely.
  • Dreaming somebody, he drinks currant wine, namely about the thirst, he will get of women fear-waking wealth and power.
  • a clear wine promises money without trouble and work and a high office.
  • big strains and a responsible office call, therefore,

  • The artificially made drinks because they are preserved on fire.
  • Looking one, like he with an another which he knows about a mug wine quarrels, he will go to court with him around money, and the winner will win process and money, he does not know him, he will go for same reason with an enemy in court, – he gets because of a glass drinking vessel in quarrel, he will fall out with him because of a women’s room.
  • Drinking somebody mixed wine, he will come according to boiling to financial difficulties.
  • Mixing to him another, a friend, the wine, will add this to him badly, if a stranger, an enemy.
  • Dreaming one, he kicks the winepress and makes wine, he will serve a mighty prince and be assigned important administrative duties.
  • he will gain

  • Looking somebody a river which flows from wine, a dream which only the emperor or prince can have, provided that the river lies in his sphere of influence, even bigger power, war against his enemies wage and be invincible, – the river does not lie in his area, such power is entitled to man of the foreign country. If one dreams, he approaches this river or scoops from it, he will get of man of the river so much power as he scooped wine.
  • Seeming it one, he has big thirst, he will become rich and have no more need, provided that he has richly drunk.
  • Dreaming to one, how he starves and how he eats and becomes full, he will find consolation in his faith and luck in this world according to the hunger which tormented him.
  • it becomes

  • Carrying of a fruit juice in a vessel, money in the abundance, however, possess no power, – then from fresh fruit juice nobody becomes drunken. Fruit juice indicates to drink, one will get welcome wealth of a woman.
  • Dreaming one, in his house has run out wine from a barrel, plagues, processes, annoyance and damage will approach him there, – he collects the murky, run out wine again, his mißliche situation will last so many days as he used time to the laborious work.
  • drink: big society, – your worries will dissolve in Nothing,
  • more red: To empires means he clarifies very murky days,
  • , to arms

  • white: you will be able to offer resistance,
  • bury: you forfeit your luck yourself.


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