dream wigEarlier the wig which covers the head was thus interpreted in the dream interpretation that the dreaming hides his mind, a wrong impression wants to wake or not show his wisdom. A wig, as it is carried by judges in many countries, can also have even today this meaning. A hairpiece or hairpiece is associated with wrong images or unnatural appearance. Wig sometimes points to feeling of inferiority (also sexual) or is interpreted in terms of hair. After old Indian dream books she should promise more respect.


The dream of the wig sometimes warns against dressing up in the awake life with foreign feathers. Often he points if one sees himself as a wig bearer, on the fact that one would like to regain his naturalness it seemed lost. Carry other a wig, one should take before a new acquaintance in eight and be reserved. A wig sometimes expresses that the dreaming has to hide something. Maybe he is not so competent, able thus or is also so youthful as he other people believe wants to make.



At the spiritual level the wig in the dream is an authority’s symbol.



  • see: you will come to high honour,
  • see in others: Take before the arrogance and malice of some people in eight. One is slantwise deceptions add.
  • see carrying for himself one: your futile thoughts lead to no luck,
  • carry: the acting skilled by you becomes sees through.

(European ones).:

  • mean that one will suffer damage,
  • by vanity

  • see: Not to let deceive admonition,
  • carry: one suffers from feeling of inferiority, – it approaches one a negative change,
  • lose one: if means travesty and mockery of enemies,
  • other with wigs see: intrigues are spun against one,
  • for a woman means that she will get two marriage proposals and the darker man loves them more.


  • see: one wants to suppress you,
  • carry: Fame and respect are given you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Wig(s)

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