dream winterAssociation: – Cycle of the decay, – rest, – rebirth. Question: – What want I to produce?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Coldly, – quietly, – slowly, – wisdom, – death, – rebirth, – intensive internal work, – Waboose, northern guardian of the mind. Description: Winter is in the more temperate zones the season in which the living beings on the earth in the least one seem to be active. Although this applies cursorily looked, nevertheless, this is also the time, in that, obviously from the rest, all children of the mother earth on her deepest and most essential internal sources of help fall back to prepare for the following phase of quick growth. The winter is a very paradoxical season. While the things seem to run at first sight quietly, one discovers on looking more carefully an intensive work. The winter is the time of the oldest, the death and the preparation on the rebirth. General meaning: A period in your life, while you can step more slowly and relax you, – to suffer the readiness, a small death a time of the wisdom, – which will contribute to the rebirth, – the need for rest and renewal, – a lesson over your physical body, – an event which will take place in this season, – foresighted, as you will be as an oldest. Association: Death, – Advent, – Christmas. Transcendent meaning: An actual death and rebirth experience either within a dream or in your life has already happened or will still occur.


In general:

The winter can stand as a dream symbol for a futile time in the life of the dreaming or for the age with his declining forces.


The season to our old age points. If the winter is described in the dream as especially hard, we feel, even if we are still young, maybe lonely because the love has cooled off to a person, – in this case we would have to move our soul household completely to cause a change of our real situation by new contacts. The winter in the dream sometimes advises to wait patiently for better days. In a time in which the dreaming has far gone away from his true feelings, the pictures which deal with the winter shine like ice and snow, often his momentary feeling situation against. In clairvoyant’s broads to dreams seasons are a tip to the time, when will happen a little bit.


Covered to the circulation of the nature, the winter represents a time of the fallow before the renewed awakening. Therefore the winter is able synonymous his with the death.



  • experience: You go towards to a hopeless time. The time of the waiting is there. Undertake nothing, otherwise you have only annoyance, loss and tears.

(European ones).:

  • pure power dream or dear dream, – see the also remaining seasons, – promises a diverse life and warns about Schwelgerei, – also announces illnesses and sombre views for the exit more professionally as of private matters, – efforts will show no satisfactory results,
  • experience themselves in winter: during the next days one should undertake nothing important, because an unfavorable period has entered for new plans or for the realisation of plans or intentions,
  • a winter scenery with snow and sunshine: if is a good omen.


  • see: one will pull you to the responsibility,
  • with strong cold: Wedding candidates – bad marriage halves, married – incommodities.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Winter

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